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Ilocanos say ‘No to Dam’ in Salcedo

By JEMIMAH CRESENCIA and PAOLA ESPIRITU SALCEDO, Ilocos Sur — For the third time, officials from the National Irrigation Administration swallowed …

Revisiting the policies of the Oil Industry

For almost two decades, the government’s liberal policy on the fuel and energy sector has been the subject of debate and protest. The recent public outcry against the fast and steep rise of fuel prices has again put the country’s deregulated oil industry on the stage.

Pangasinan town opposes coal-fired plant

Officials of Labrador town expressed their opposition to the construction of the P47-Billion, 1000 MW plant in Barangay Baquioen, Sual. On April 23, the sangguniang bayan unanimously adopted Resolution No. 025-2018 and was immediately approved by Mayor Dominador Arenas the following day.

Naguilian dam, saan kayat ti umili

“Anannoenmi ti trabaho ken dagiti ibagbagana a libre no awan metten ti pagbalayanmi, no mapukawen ti kangrunaan a pagtataudan ti pagbiagmi, no ti proyekto met ket ipapataymi,” kuna ni Erlinda de Leña, residente ti Brgy. Bimmotobot, Naguilian mainaig ti maipasdek a hydropower dam.

Methodist church supports IP’s rejection of NIA project

The congregation said that their action is anchored on their purpose to “seek to remain responsive to the call of God to love Him and to love other people.” They emphasized that the government is responsible to ensure the “just and peaceful sharing” of the natural resources, and development “must be for everyone” and “respect basic human rights.”

Duterte sells Chico River to China

BAGUIO CITY — The Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) called P3.135-billion (US $62.09 million) loan agreement for the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project (PIP) that President Rodrigo Duterte secured from the Chinese government last April 10 during his recent visit to China “the latest sell out” of the country’s resources and ancestral lands to foreign investors.

Groups deny benefits from coal plants

BAGUIO CITY — Environmental groups in Ilocos rebuked the claims of economic benefits by coal-fired power plant proponents. The Ilocos Network for the Environment (Defend Ilocos) and Save Sual Movement (SSM), in a separate statement, argued that health and environmental cost out weights the promise of jobs and royalties from the coal-fired plants.

Statements: Fight the impending menace to the environment

We oppose the construction of the coal-fired power plants in Luna, La Union, and in Sual, Pangasinan, and the utilization of coal in all parts of the country. The 1,200 MW coal-fired plant of Team Energy in Barangay Pangascasan, Sual, the biggest in the country, is more than the people and environment of Ilocos can handle. We say, enough with the pollution, enough with the health risk, and enough with corporate greed!