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Benguet prepares for AFTA

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — Benguet farmers and traders tossed a giant bowl of vegetable salad at the La Trinidad trading post last July 13 as part of a campaign to promote local produce as they face the unfair competition brought by the free entry of imported produce imposed by the full implementation of the neo-liberal ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA).

Ilocandia Rumblings: Failure of RA 7171 and RA 8240 (2/3)

A glance on the Cost of Production (COP) form of the National Tobacco Administration (NTA) tells a lot about the state of the tobacco industry. From start to finish, the field activities, equipment and the number of man-days employed shows a backward if not primitive production process compared to other tobacco producing countries.

Cordis conducts palay production training

BAGUIO CITY — “Kasla saan nga kapapati, ngem nu panpanunuten dagiti daduma a teknik ket dati nga araramiden met. Medyo maamak ak nga agraep aglalo ket babasit launay ken sagaysa ti raep, ngem magagaran ak nga mangpadas ditoy” (It seems unbelievable but come to think of it we used to do some of these techniques of Palay Production. Although I am wary, especially that the seedlings are so small and young, and spaced widely, but I am excited to to try this technology.”), said Alfredo Mulang during the Organic Palay Production training held in Manapnap, Binasaran, Malibcong, Abra on June 21-22.

Peasants hit Ilocos Norte board for muddling the excise tax issue

BAGUIO CITY — Alyansa Dagiti Mannalon ti Ilocos Norte-Solidarity of Peasants against Exploitation (Alliance of Peasants in Ilocos Norte or AMIN-Stop Exploitation) said the move of Provincial Board of Ilocos Norte only muddled the misuse of tobacco excise tax issue.

Alternatibo a wagas ti panagtalon

BAGUIO CITY — Walo a bulan kada tawen nga agkurkurang ti bagas. Daytoy ti masansan a mapadasan ti umili iti Binasaran idiay Malibcong, Abra.

Ilocos farmers rebuke NTA’s achievements

BAGUIO CITY — In a statement posted on the National Tobacco Administration’s Facebook account on May 23, NTA Administrator Dr. Robert Seares wrote that in his first 100 days he went straight to do what he needed to deliver. In the said post, the agency chief drew attention to his effort to make the crop “sustainable, lucrative and mutually beneficial” especially for the farmers.

Libreng patubig, hiling ng magsasaka ng Ilocos

CANDON CITY — Ipatupad ang ibreng patubig. Ito ang iginiit ng Solidarity of Peasant Against Exploitation (Stop Exploitation) kasama ang mga lider-magsasaka at asosasyon ng mga irigasyon sa probinsya ng Ilocos Sur sa isinagawang konsultasyon hinggil sa Free Irrigation 2017 sa probinsya nitong nakaraang Mayo 15.

Ilocandia Rumblings: Democracy in practice

Democracy is not something that popped out of thin air. The concept and practice of democracy evolved and continues to progress through social processes. While the development of the concept comes naturally with the advancement of human society, the contents and benefits of democracy are not readily available. The people can only claim the space for participation, criticism, and dissent it provides through organized assertion and ardent struggle.

Tobacco farmers’ consultation a good start

DOLORES, Abra — Tobacco farmers appreciated the holding of a consultation meeting with National Tobacco Administration (NTA) officials but said the responses to their long overdue demands were not very satisfactory.

Tanglag women, the heart of rural development

LUBUAGAN, Kalinga — In a village along the Chico river bank in Kalinga, villagers have a story they tell with high pride that highlights the crucial role of their women in the concrete development of their former subsistence economy.