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national events as they impact Northern Luzon

STATEMENT | Duterte regime’s attack on schools incite doubt on education

Education, without question and as inscribed in the Philippine Constitution, is key to nation-building. It is necessarily grounded on the principle of academic freedom to enable it to be instrumental in the development of the citizens’ full potentials so that they may be a force for social transformation.

President’s admission will be taken seriously – solons

ACT Teachers Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro lambasted the lame excuse of the Duterte administration saying that the admission of President Duterte on extrajudicial killings should not be taken seriously. The solons said that this is an issue concerning people’s lives and should not be taken as a joke. Both solons also said that the President blatantly admitted that he is guilty of extrajudicial killings and he will be accountable for his crimes against the Filipino people.

Dumagats’ protest against Chinese-funded Kaliwa-Kanan-Laiban dam

The steps of the Chinese Embassy were made red by the placards, traditional attire and mamá (betel nut) of Dumagat leaders representing villages to be submerged by the New Centennial Water Source Project (NCWS) as they protest against the building of a series of mega dams in the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges.

Solons join Teachers’ National Day of Action

On World Teachers’ Day and National Teachers’ Day, ACT Teachers Party-List Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro will march to Mendiola along with about 2,000 teachers who will stage a protest action against the overworked yet underpaid status of teachers amidst TRAIN-induced inflation.

Statements: The Déjà vu of government-backed conspiracies

Using the spectre of communism to scare the Filipino people into quiet submission is a harrowingly similar tactic used by Marcos and the AFP to quell dissent and spread fear. Ferdinand Marcos raised the ‘Red’ scare to prop up his authoritarian rule which was suffering cracks, akin to Duterte’s use of this so-called Red October. Even the protest movement then was rising as the Filipino people called for fundamental change.

Makan a la Pinoy: Taraon a pangpadaruy iti dara

Gagangay a proseso ti bagi ti panagpalet/panagtukel ti dara (blood clotting) a makatulong iti panagsardeng iti panagpadara kadagiti nasugat wenno nadunor. Ngem parikut daytoy kadagiti addaan high blood pressure ken sakit iti puso. Mabalin a manglapped ti blood clot iti panagtaray ti dara iti puso, utek, bara ken dadduma pay a paset ti bagi a no saan a masigud a mataming ket agresulta iti komplikasion.