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national events as they impact Northern Luzon

Citizens’ picket vs quo warranto petition anew

BAGUIO CITY — Members of the Movement Against Tyranny-Metro Baguio, Coalition for Justice and other groups formed picket lines at the gates of the Supreme Court compound here in Baguio City calling the SC to junk the quo warranto petition against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno last April 3.

Poetry: Tirania

Maris dara ti langit
nga inagek ti ulep.
Aweng ti kaltaang,
asug agallangogan.
Imatang ti ranggas agrurutap
awan sarday, saan a maukas.

Editorial: Department of (In)Justice aka DOJ

the DOJ filed a petition to declare some 600 individuals as terrorists, among those included were priests, United Nations experts, lawyers, environmental activists, human rights defenders, indigenous peoples’ leaders and others. This drew outrage from various groups, statesmen and individuals in the country and abroad who continue to call and demand for the dropping of the DOJ charges, pointing out that the list bearing over 600 names is terribly faulty, unverified and untrue.

Research group finds Train Law as anti-women

BAGUIO CITY — Women all across the country might not have the capacity to celebrate International Women’s Month as keeping up a household becomes a far more difficult task due to higher prices of goods and services.

As The Bamboos Sway: Duterte recruits more NPAs with Operation Pacific Eagle – Philippines

Goaded by Operation Pacific Eagle – Philippines (OPE-P), described by Professor Roland Simbulan as “the new US intervention in Asia” and “which raises the Philippines to the same level as Syria and Iraq for the Pentagon’s war plans,” President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is helping to plant more seeds and is fertilizing the grounds for the further expansion of the New People’s Army (NPA). Entering its 49th year of armed struggle this March 29, 2018, the NPA is bound to face its fiercest and bloodiest years.

Editorial: The president, a tyrant, the enemy?

The english dictionary on the net lists the word tyrant as synonymous to dictator, despot, autocrat, authoritarian, oppressor, slave driver, martinet, bully, megalomaniac; a cruel and oppressive ruler. Any peace loving person upon reading these definitions would just in one’s thought, refuse to be ruled or led by such a character. And would even “envision a world free from tyrants.”

Continuing Cordi people’s struggle for self-determination (3/3)

The militant cordillera mass movement has almost fifty years of spontaneous and organized action, starting with the 1971 Cordillera Congress for National Liberation in Bontoc. And it has prevailed for more than thirty years led by the Cordillera Peoples Alliance since its establishment in 1984 also in Bontoc. The Cordillera people’s movement, with peak and low points, try to keep pace with developments in the national democratic mass movement.