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international events as they impact Northern Luzon

Int’l Solidarity Mission visits Tinoc

TINOC, Ifugao — Members from the progressive youth organizations Anakbayan and League of Filipino Students (LFS) in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California, USA chapters with delegates from India and Thailand, visited grassroots communities in Tinoc and Asipulo, Ifugao for the International Solidarity Mission (ISM) conducted from July 17-22.

Women’s Front: Building a sustainable and resilient future

It is important for us in the global south to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But from where I stand, we would like to monitor it by dissecting structural barriers that block our way towards a sustainable, resilient and just future. Are we on track?

Int’l rural peoples mov’t calls to heighten efforts vs Golden Rice

The Peoples’ Coalition for Food Sovereignty (PCFS), a global network of food sovereignty advocates and various grassroots groups of small food producers, expressed its support to the Filipino farmers’ protest against the Golden Rice field trials during yesterday’s public consultation by the International Rice Research Institute in San Mateo, Isabela.

As The Bamboos Sway: The Post & the death of a best friend

Watching the movie, The Post, on DVD two days ago, months after it was shown in the theaters, I sobbed when it came to the part “the Pentagon knew since 1965 that we could not win the war (in Vietnam)…The government had been lying to us for the last 30 years” – but still continued to send Americans, mostly boys in their late teens, to die in Vietnam, 6,000 miles away from home.

On the historic DPRK-US Summit

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) welcomes the historic meeting between Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and President Donald J. Trump of the United States held last June 12 in Singapore. 

As The Bamboos Sway: How the West Pack was Un-Won

If we think that President Donald Trump, for the United States, scored over Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, for North Korea, in their historic meeting in Singapore last June 12, 2018, maybe we should think again.

US Senator concerned over Terrorist listing

BAGUIO CITY — Speaking before his colleagues, Senator Patrick Leahy, of the Democratic Party and the most senior member of the assembly, expressed his concern on the terrorist tagging of indigenous and human rights defenders in the country. His speech, delivered on June 4 underscored the threat and hardships brought by the Department of Justice’s inclusion of activists in the terrorist proscription petition against the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army.

Weekly Reflections: Theology of motherhood

When we talk of motherhood, there are two stories that would come to my mind. One is found in I Kings 3:16-28. It was written to illustrate King Solomon’s wisdom. The story is about two prostitutes who were living in one house, each of whom had given birth to a son. Then, one morning one of the two babies was found dead. Both mothers claimed for themselves the other baby who was alive.

4th Adaptation Learning Highway in the Philippines

MANILA — As part of the ongoing partnership between Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) Foundation and MISEREOR on “Building the Resiliency of Indigenous Communities on Climate Change Adaptation,” the 4th Adaptation Learning Highway (ALH) was held in the Philippines last March 17-19.

As The Bamboos Sway: When US Constitution ammendments clash

Reacting to a posted picture where a placard bore by one of the million student protestors in Washington D.C. questioning “Why is the NRA more powerful than congress, senate and our president,” my FB friend, Kalovski Itim, commented “You know why? Because it is one of the lobby group of the big military industrial complex promoting imperialist interventionist wars of destruction and plunder everywhere in the globe.”

Duterte calls Rome Statute “bullshit”

BAGUIO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte called the Rome statute that established the International Criminal Court (ICC) “bullshit” as he called on other countries to withdraw from the ICC during the graduation rights of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), March 18.