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Baguio City events

Bi Yao, a Chinese painting exhibit

BAGUIO CITY — The Baguio Filipino-Chinese Community launched on February 7 “Bi Yao,” a Chinese painting exhibition of Baguio’s landscape by Norman Chow and Chino Chow. The exhibit is in celebration of the Spring Festival 2018 in Baguio.

Year of the Dog to bring earth related calamities

BAGUIO CITY — According to Feng Sui experts 2018, the year of the Earth Dog is a good year for agriculture and all other industries that has something to do with the earth. But also warns of earthquakes, land slides and subsidence and other calamities that involves land.

Baguio truck ban exempts flower delivery

BAGUIO CITY — Three trucks that will be ferrying flowers to Metro Manila this Valentine season are exempted from Baguio City’s truck ban from February 9 to 14.

CSU bars prayer vigil for Roda

TUGUEGARAO CITY — Students of Cagayan State University (CSU) Andrews campus were barred by the university’s administration from conducting a prayer vigil-candle lighting ceremony in memoriam for Rodolfo Urmanita or Roda, the third year Education student who committed suicide last January 16.

Throwback Martial Law? No, we are fighting back

BAGUIO CITY — Youth groups, led by the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) Baguio-Benguet, staged a 1970s-themed protest action last Jan 29 at Peoples Park to commemorate the First Quarter Storm (FQS) and condemn the “looming dictatorship” of the Duterte regime.

RTC issues TRO vs Baguio IPMR

BAGUIO CITY — Roger Sinot, who took oath as indigenous people’s mandatory representative (IPMR) to the Baguio city council last week was not able to assume as indigenous people’s mandatory representative to the Baguio City council after the regional trial court issued a a temporary restraining order (TRO).

Vehicular mishaps kill 1, hurts 2

BAGUIO CITY — One died and three others were injured in two separate vehicular accidents here in the city yesterday, January 26.

From Under This Hat: Mythical hydra bares its ugly heads in City Hall

The Hydra in Greek mythology was one of Hercules’ labors given by the evil King Eurystheus and Greek goddess Hera. It is said to be a monstrous serpent with eight or nine heads that guards the gates of the mythical under world, of hell or a representation of what is bad. The story says Hercules and his cousin vanquished the monster that pillaged and terrorized the countryside.

Contested Baguio IPMR takes oath

BAGUIO CITY — After over a year of fighting for the affirmation of his selection for the position and a seat in the city council, Roger Sinot took oath of office before Councilor Faustino Olowan on January 16 as the indigenous people’s mandatory representative (IPMR).