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CBAO declares Sandico slide an accident

BAGUIO CITY— City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) said in the regular hearing at the City Council last June 25 that the FC Laranang Construction and the Mega Pines Condominium Project did not violate any rules in the excavation contracts approved by their office in relation to the land slide accident along Sandico Street, Salud Mitra last June 13

Stories behind poems

BAGUIO CITY — Two professors, one from the University of Hawai’i and the other from the University of the Philippines Baguio, read revolutionary poems on love, life, and language as they launched their books at the Alnag-Libro 2018, June 25, Monday at Mt. Cloud, Casa Vallejo, here.

Burburtia Krokis

1 ipakalat (Tag)
11 kabiserang bayan ng Marinduque
16 hindi na bale (Ilok)
17 ehe, o dugtungan ng dalawang gulong (Eng)

Youthspeak: Breaking the stereotypes of student activists

It is the most wonderful thing to see our ates and kuyas with their sablays ready to go up the stage to receive their college diplomas. All their hard work has paid off and they are filled with both dread and anticipation of what’s to come after their life as a student in UP.

Baguio youth groups launch signature campaign vs Train law

BAGUIO CITY — Progressive youth groups in the city initiated a petition against the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, initially signed by hundreds of market vendors and consumers, on June 12 at the city’s public market.

All That Fits: Contradictions about

I read in the Sunday paper that there is a fairly recent movie out there on martial law. It was screened in a few commercial establishments in late May, and is directed by Lav Diaz. I have not seen the film but I encourage those who will have access to it to do so. In the tragedy of our times, I feel that it is important for entertainment to mirror social realities to motivate the people into action and resist injustice. The film is aptly entitled Panahon ng Halimaw. I heard some establishments refused to have it shown for political reasons.