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Makan a la Pinoy: Ensalada a paria

Napait ngem nabaknang iti phytonutrients kas ti dietrary fiber, mineral, bitamina ken anti-oxidants. Maaw-awagan a plant insulin a mangpababa ti blood sugar lever iti type-2 diabetes.

Burburtia Krokis

1 bayan sa silangang Masbate
9 taga-Denmark (Eng)
13 akala (Pang)
14 kanyon laban sa eroplano (Eng abbrev)

Itultuloy ti dangadang ti umili ti Kordilyera

BALBALAN, Kalinga ― Nadumaduma a simbaan ti nagpanawagan kadagiti umili, nangruna kadagiti agtutubo ken kameng ti simbaan nga ituloy ti dangadang para iti karbengan iti bukod a panggeddeng, panangsalaknib iti biag ken dayaw, ken pudno a kappia.

Burburtia Krokis

By JUN VERZOLA Abril 30, 2017 ACROSS 1 bayan sa Bukidnon na karatig ng Malaybalay 10 klase ng sawa (Eng) 13 …

Episcopal church supports DENR Sec. Lopez

BONTOC, Mountain Province — The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines( EDNP) in their February diocesan convention appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to stand firm on his appointment to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) of secretary Gina Lopez and retain her to bring to realization the good work that DENR is doing to protect the environment.

Cagayan raises peace, women’s rights

By GABRIELA-CAGAYAN VALLEY (PR) TUGUEGARAO CITY — In celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD), the Gabriela Women’s Alliance and its …

Baguio-Benguet youth rage on free education

BAGUIO CITY — Students and youth from various formations and organizations committed to advance the struggle for free and nationalist education in a series of activities headed by Kabataan Partylist Cordillera this week.

Editorial: Taking two steps backwards

The backward and savage character among men has surfaced and taken lead in the House of Representatives with the reinstatement of the death penalty in the Philippine Justice system. However it may be justified, in a civilized society it is inhuman. It must be especially for a population who believe they are Christians who teach and who live by the Bible… “thou shall not kill.”

Burburtia Krokis

ACROSS 1 hindi ikaw, hindi rin ako (Tag) 4 magbalae (Ilok) 13 halamang nakakain mula ugat hanggang dahon (Ilok)

Bayan Muna calls on DENR to be fair to small scale miners

QUEZON CITY — Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Isagani Zarate, chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, called on the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to “give due considerations to alleviate the pitiful situation” of the country’s small-scale miners “instead of threatening them of losing their decades-old source of livelihood.”