AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Team Duterte vs Team Filipinos


Future history has already been written. No tyrants have won over a people. Like all tyrants of the past – Hitler, Idi Amin, Ferdinand Marcos, and the Spanish and Roman Empires, Duterte’s Team has already lost against the Filipino People. It’s just a matter of time when the whistle to signal the end of the game will be blown. It’s just a matter of time for the Filipinos to hasten the pace of history being written. It’s just a matter of how fast the Filipinos will don the jerseys of the team they should belong and join in the game.

Indeed, for even in biblical times, a pharaoh has to suffer the wrath of God when his military forces drowned in the might of the seas. And talking of France, even Marie Antoinette, who thought the poor could be bribed with cakes, was beheaded by the people.

It’s just a matter of Filipinos realizing that the fate of history is on their side…and…it’s in their hands.

Right now, Filipinos are divided into five groups: those who are already fighting, those who talk about the problems in the open, those who just murmur on the sides and are still scared to come out, those who don’t care at all, and those who are for Duterte’s side. Seventy-five percent of Filipinos are peasants who are most affected by the feudal situation of the country. Twenty-four percent comprise the workers, urban poor, indigenous peoples, and big entrepreneurs.

Only one percent belongs to Team Duterte. Yet, they control the ball game under the status quo. They control the government, educational propaganda systems, and, most specially, the military. By sheer intimidation and mind control, they are able to hold Team Filipinos at bay.

Nonetheless, the seeds of discontent of Team Filipinos against Team Duterte had already been brewing since he had not fulfilled his promises. He is not fulfilling his promise of eradicating graft and corruption in the government. He allowed the burial the father of corruption at the LIbingan ng mga Bayani. He has released from prison Gloria Arroyo, Ponce Enrile, and others who are involved in the DAP plunder. He has fired so called corrupt officials only to reappoint them in other agencies. This in spite of his promise to eradicate corruption within six months of his tenure.

Moreover, his fight against the drug problem in the Philippines was focused on the demand side where he concentrated on the extra judicial killing of so called ‘nanlaban’ poor ‘users’ that is running into thousands. This, while releasing the biggest drug lords with one of them being his son. He has no clear program for agrarian reform nor industrialization resulting in further unemployment in the Philippines. The OFWs cannot still come home because there are no jobs that were promised them. He has sold the Philippines to China.

He has stated his anti-people stand. Consider: On piston. “mahirap kayo, magtiis kayo! wala akong pakialam;” on Lumads. “Umalis kayo diyan. Sabihin ko diyan sa mga Lumad ngayon, umalis kayo diyan. Bobombahin ko ‘yan. Isali ko ‘yang mga istruktura ninyo;” on Kadamay. “Sunugin ‘nyo mukha, ihian ‘nyo pa mukha ko, tapos maghingi ka ng tulong. Maghiga ka muna sa daan, ihian ko lahat ng mukha ‘nyo;” on kissing women. “Hindi lang ninyo alam, loka-loka, kasi mga pangit kayo. Pati ‘yung ngipin ninyo malalaki. Hindi ako maghalik sa inyo. Pero kung maghalik ‘yung babae, kunin ‘yung laway, ilagay ko sa dila ko, lapitan ko, sabi ko, ‘Isauli ko sa iyo ang laway mo, dagdagan ko ng akin dahil maganda ka;” on maids. “I went to the room of the maid. I lifted the blanket…tried to touch what was inside the panty. I was touching it;” on government checks. “Ah putang ina yang COA nay an, idiot…Mag-kidnap tayo ng tag-COA ilagay natin, i-torture natin dito. Tang ina.”

And the latest worst to OFW women: “Rape is part of the territory! You work abroad as a slave…”

There are more apart from also his attacks against the Catholic Church to which, lately, Bishop Ruperto Santos said “His presidency is disappointment and disgrace to our country. It is known as ‘kill, kill, kill’….And his ‘fans’ consider his murderous words as a mere joke! Is it a joke to advise people to kill? There should be a mass movement among decent Filipinos to make him desist from speaking like a devil. Let us do something to make him stop this evil!”

It is understandable why Duterte is attacking the Catholic Church. Historically, because the Catholics are the majority in the Philippines, they comprised the biggest number, upon the call of the late Cardinal Sin, of the People Power force that helped oust Ferdinand E. Marcos. In attacking the Catholic Church and its faith, Duterte is hoping to divide the forces that could potentially help oust him from his dictatorship. He is actually being rattled that his pronouncements against the hierarchy is malign the priesthood to discredit its potential leadership against his government.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) just released a conciliatory and forgiving statement in favor of Duterte. Nonetheless, there should be more Bishop Ruperto Santoses who dare to go against the flock.

This really so rattles Duterte that he is also wanting to organize his kind of sparrows, to reinstitute the ROTC, to even use the boy scouts to supplement his armed forces to guard his positional play. He is so rattled that he wants a close quarter guarding of his imagined opponents in like profiling teachers who are members of the ACT, branding leaders of legal mass organizations as terrorists, ordering his military minions to shoot even those who they think are merely thinking to be communists.

Nonetheless, in spite of increase in pay bribery, there should be military men who still have the integrity to really stand by the Philippine Constitution and join the Team Filipinos, eventually.

Yes, indeed, even just the increasing prices of goods and services should be enough for the final score to be against Team Duterte.

Yes, indeed, future history has already been written.

In which team are you in?#


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