Let us meet the New Year with renewed hope and a more positive disposition.

A wider tolerance to lead life by the example of Christ (remember? the carpenter’s Son), for hardwork, patience and initiative, just peace and prosperity, towards building a more supportive community. Happy New Year!

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Today, as if to end the year 2018, our Diaryo ti Umili ti Amianan, shall also move on and turn a new leaf at striving to serve its readership and communities through The Web. Though was the first Cordillera newspaper on-line and has been consistent at polishing the NDW online copy too, we now also must give way to the convenience of the internet.

It is not because we also advocate conserving forests, particularly saving more trees from being made into paper but more because our resources to support the only printed alternative to-mainstream-newspapers in Northern Luzon (and in the country for sometime now), have worn out. Sometimes financing is not the only resource but there are times all resources just somehow wear out.

Its claim to being alternative is because it came out with (the least covered) news stories, features, photos and video clips from the point of view of the least empowered sectors of society: the national minorities, workers, peasants and farmers, women and children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, LGBT and all those Filipino nationalists and fighters for democracy, including those with a socialist perspective and, With an ambition to help empower the embattled Filipino majority.

As against graft, plunderers, neo-colonial invaders imperialist investors, harbingers of anti-people propaganda, highly commercialized lifestyles, or cultures. (and with amused giggle, I think that was so easy to declare, but with a deep sigh from my bottom most heart, it has as well been a long time wistful wish that it was just as easy to resist or to oppose such “enemies of the people”).

For the members of the NDW staff and I, it has been a most trying 16 years to serve our chosen mandate and I know we have won battles as well as stumbled and hit our heads on many obstacles in newspapering. But the reality of the economic crisis brought on all of us by this oppressive system now led by a terrormonger has eventually caught up with us too.

Yet presently, at the back of my mind, I am still holding up a placcard in protest and in support for the printed copy at least for the counties without Wi-fi.

I was first taught newsparing with an original Underwood typerwriter. Writing drafts with a pencil (no ball pens yet only fountain pens and pencils) and then typing news reports for the editors copy. I used to pray that the editor would return my copy and not shoot it into the paperbasket before telling me to get more details and rewrite it. It was the age of the grimy linotyping machine, black ink and the letterpress. But now news-production has grown with the cybernet. I worry about the time I would spend on how to ‘newsproduce’ on the net. And, … Oh Jeez!! I think I might as well go back to farming! To hell with that …!!&#* bloody, blundering monkey on the net news!

At least, as a farmer I still can condemn the plundering. Resist tyranny. Demand a stop to the killings. Vote for a more conscientious representative and eat vegetables.

Also, from the NDW staff and I, our most profound gratitude to manong Nars Padilla, founder of the Silahis ng Pasko and the National Correspondents Club of Baguio; to Helen R. Tibaldo, PIA-CAR, Aileen R. Refuerzo of the PIO City Hall; and all of them behind the nomination of this writer to be a recipient of this year’s “Distuinguished Gintong Tala Luminary Award” in the Field of Journalism.

I wish you all a prosperous New Year and a Just and Peaceful 2019! #


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