Tingguians and Ilocanos of Abra celebrate Kalinawa Festival in Abra


BAGUIO CITY— Both Tingguians and Ilokanos of Abra manifested the spirit of solidarity and showed the rich culture of Abreños despite cultural diversity during the 3rd Division Kalinawa Festival organized by the Department of Education (DepEd).

Kalinawa is a Tingguian word for success or wellness. The festival was held on December 11 and 12 in Daguioman town. The first celebration was in 2016 in Bangued and 2017 in San Juan. In this year’s celebration, DepEd Abra emphasized the rich culture of the Abreños and how it can be utilized in the delivery of basic education to the students.

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Pannakaikamong ji Deped kan igaw,pannakavakod ken pannakapapiyan ji nainsigujan un wagas ji pannakaisulun ji aanak si sumalsalunon timpo” (Immersion of DepEd and the integration and teaching of the indigenous culture to the next generations).

Different cultural dances of the Tingguian sub-tribes like the YMaengs who portrayed how they do the “Begnas” (community thanksgiving) every after harvest. Other traditional practices and talents from different Indigenous Cultural Communities of Abra also highlighted the festival.

According to DepEd Abra Senior Education Program Specialist Jan Nowel Peña, Kalinawa festival aims to break cultural barriers between tribes. He stressed that every tribe have a role in the festival.

DepEd’s plan to integrate indigenous culture and traditions in the curriculum with the Indigenous People’s Education (IPED) framework was one of the key factor in organizing the Kalinawa festival, Peña is urging the Abreños to study their culture.

He said that by showing the different dances of Abra, they do not only educate people about the the riche Abra cultture but also celebrate their ingenuity as the people of Abra. #  nordis.net


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