PUBLISHERS NOTE | Nordis’ last copy on paper

As the world turns on to a new year, it is with deep regrets that the publishers, Northern Media Information Network Board of Trustees announce this issue to be the last copy of the Northern Dispatch Weekly on newsprint, as it moves to focus on better serving you and all readers on its website with daily issuances of news coverages and weekly features of stories from the field on its website, https//

The current staff shall continue, ever believers in grassroots journalism, of taking the stories from the view of  grassroots communities with allegiance to a nationalist and democratic country; defensive of the right of peoples to the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression and to be informed.

We invite everyone to read and watch our video coverages on the web, and also to view and like us on Facebook.

Our most profound gratitude and thanks to all of you for your continued support.

A Happy and a progressive New Year to all!


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