CPDF joins celebration of CPP 50th year


BAGUIO CITY — Somewhere in the Cordillera mountains, members of different revolutionary organizations of peasants, workers, youth and other sectors affiliated with the Cordillera Peoples Democratic Front (CPDF) joined a company of the New People’s Army (NPA) to celebrate the 50th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

The CPP was founded on December 26, 1968.

CPDF Spokesperson Simon “Ka Filiw” Naogsan said that under the guidance of the CPP, the particular problem of Cordillera indigenous people, which he summed up as national oppression is being addressed by the revolutionary movement.

He explained that national oppression is manifested through historical injustice, discrimination, non-recognition of IPs rights over their ancestral lands and domains, militarization and the vulgarization and commercialization of their culture.

The rebel leader said that the tradition of the Cordillera people in protecting their ancestral lands is still very much alive. He said that their struggle did not end with the triumphant struggle of the people against the construction of the Chico Dams and the Cellophil Logging Resources (CRC) in the 1970s and early 80s. He said that the fight against destructive projects continue until today.

GOLDEN YEAR. New Peoples Army (NPA) guerillas and members of underground revolutionary organizations celebrated the 50th founding anniversary of the Communist Party Of the Philippines (CPP) drawing lessons and cherishing victories. Photo by Aldwin Quitasol.

According ti Naogsan, from the struggle against the Chico Dams and CRC logging, generations of revolutionaries were born. “Rimmamut ti partido kadagiti naruay nga umili ti Kordilyera,” (The party gained its roots among the toiling people of the Cordillera) he said.

The CPDF spokes said the fight against the attacks on the people, the land and sources of livelihood has its victories and lessons.

Naogsan underscored that as they celebrated CPP’s golden anniversary, they also gather the lessons and victories of the party in leading a national democratic revolution. He said that these victories and lessons will help them hurdle the many challenges ahead.

“Partikular ditoy ayan tayo a Kordilyera, gapu iti usto a panangidaulo ti Partido Komunista ti Pilipinas, nagun-od tayo iti addaan tayo itatta ken nakita tayo iti naranyag a masakbayan,”(Particularly here in the Cordillera, because of the correct leadership of the CPP, we have achieved where we are now and we see a bright future) he said.

Naogsan vowed that the revolutionary movement will keep up the fight to build a society free of oppression and exploitation. # nordis.net


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