STATEMENTS | Use your newfound license to heal, with a commitment to serve the people


Aksyon Health Workers congratulates our newest doctors, and encourages them to serve the health of the people, especially the underserved in our society plagued by inequity.

You now return to the world as licensed doctors, carrying not just a degree or license, but a responsibility to the sick and infirm. To do no harm, yet also to truly address what is causing illness in patients, going to its deeper roots from the biological to the social. As younger professionals, may we be able to see the entrenched barriers that keep our countrymen from being truly healthy individuals.

As “natural attorneys of the poor,” in the words of Rudolf Virchow, we physicians are in a privileged position to see the suffering of the poor and sick in our daily lives. May we hear and listen to their stories and symptoms, and treat not just their illness but also situations of injustice. We must strive to prevent their return to an environment that will promote disease and render our treatments useless.

Be doctors who actively go to the people, wherever they are, especially where at least 6 out of 10 Filipinos are unable to seek a doctor’s consult. Though doctors will never lack options or opportunities to serve, let us not forget those who are denied services because of a system that looks at their capability to pay over their right to health.

Let us work together towards a society that will guarantee not only the people’s right to health but a society where the root causes of inequality and ill-health are addressed. Use your newfound license to deepen the commitment to serve the people.

Congratulations, doctors of the people! #


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