Youth Speak: Activists not Terrorists: On the Facebook post of BCPO


The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) condemns the redtagging of the organization, along with other progressive organizations, as part of recruitment for the “Red October Plot.”

Earlier today, the Baguio City Police Office (Bcpo Kasanggamo) Facebook account shared a pubmat warning parents to prevent their children from joining organizations such as the NUSP, Anakbayan, Kabataan Partylist, CEGP,NNARA-Youth, SCMP, and LFS as they were recruiting for the alleged Red October.

These progressive organizations are staunch critics of the Duterte administration’s fascist and repressive policies. The administration has been disseminating information on the Red October where they are supposedly partnering with the CPP-NPA-NDFP to oust Duterte. Evidence of this has been nothing but an attempt to flag activists as criminals to justify crackdown and silence them, and even to warrant a declaration of martial law.

The danger in redtagging these organizations is the risk these students and activists are put into. With the anti-insurgency program and the Red October plot, activists become the main target. In schools across the Cordillera, students are subject to thorough bag frisking because of the administration’s fear of a student insurrection, and students are being tagged members of the NPA.

What the BCPO fails to realize is that the youth are critical and capable of understanding society. The public is led to believe that these organizations ‘brainwash’ students into the cause, when really, an oppressive society drives the youth into the struggle. It is the state that continues to perpetuate the system that pushes Filipinos into poorer conditions, and its fascist nature threatens and begins to kill its people.

If a warning must be circulated, it should not be one against youth leaders fighting for people’s rights and welfare – it should be a warning against the police, military, and all state forces who are brewing another dictatorship; it should be a warning for students to keep safe at a time where being an activist is equated to terrorism, with a call to continue the fight for a better society. #


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