YOUTH SPEAK | On Duterte Youth’s “advocacy” to fight Kabataan Partylist


Mga kapwa kabataan, our fight is against the system that breeds tyrants, murderers, and dictators in power, against injustice and impunity, against blind obedience and attempts to stifle dissent and critical thinking, against historical revisionism, against sexism and misogyny, against plunder and exploitation; against all forms of discrimination, against corruption and policies that put profit over people and planet.

Our fight is for genuine agrarian reform and rural development, for gender equality, for national sovereignty and territorial integrity, for accessible, quality services, for decent jobs and national industrialization, the list can go on and on, we have big dreams and a huge responsibility to shape a better future, our fight is not and will never be anchored on personalities, our fight is anchored on the collective demands and aspirations of the people.

The youth, united with the masses, have already claimed victories. And when certain groups try to discredit us and divide our ranks, in an attempt to destroy our aspirations and protect the interest of the ruling elite, we will not hesitate to fight them too. We will not hesitate to expose and oppose their corrupt actions as we continue to serve the youth and the Filipino people.

Struggle continues, Pag-asa ng Bayan! #


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