Youthspeak: Millenials: Move on? Never forget!


The Marcos family is getting more courageous in climbing the political ladder.

August 21. It was the commemoration of the death of Ninoy Aquino who opposed Marcos rule three decades ago. Unsurprisingly, Imee Marcos had the audacity to urge people her age to move on because the millennials have. Bongbong Marcos agreed, saying he understood where his sister is coming from, that it happened decades ago. He even asked, ‘what else do they want us to do?’.

Both Imee and Bongbong fail to grasp the gravity of what their family did to Filipinos. Martial Law happened decades ago, but Filipinos still suffer from the consequences of Marcos rule. There are families still unable to bury loved ones, unable to stop wondering what happened to them. There are families impoverished because of the billions of pesos loaned outside the country and used to build infrastructures, an argument for the so-called golden age under the Marcos presidency. There are families still traumatized by the atrocities of the Marcos dictatorship. Even after Ferdinand Marcos was removed from office, his family lived comfortably while the Filipinos were left to deal with the mess they made.

Yet decades later, his family is back in politics, ill-gotten wealth still in their bank accounts. Even after everything that happened during Martial Law, they still held political influence which they use to revise history. They travel all over the country campaigning their name, they formed the “Solid North” for electoral support, they hold offices in government, from Ilocos to Batasang Pambansa. They even have influence in Malacañang. Duterte, self-proclaimed fan of the late Marcos, ordered the burial of the late president in the Libingan ng mga Bayani—the only dictator in the world to be given such an ‘honor.’

Bongbong Marcos, who ran for vice presidency in 2016, lost the elections but insisted a recount. He is now eyeing the presidency. Meanwhile, Imee Marcos will likely run for a seat in the senate. They go on with their lives, shrugging off accountability for what their father did. They disregard the continuing consequences of what the dictatorship of their father brought to the Philippines. They act like the Marcos administration is the golden age of the Philippines and not its darkest moment, and that the everyone should just ‘move on.’

But even if the Marcoses let go of their political ambitions, even if they return all the wealth that belong to the Filipinos, even if they acknowledge what their family did, even if they take responsibility for the Philippines’ numerous sufferings due to Martial and Marcosian rule, the Filipino people will never move on. We will remember. We will never forget.

The Marcoses may be steadily climbing the political ladder, but the Filipino people can always topple them down.#


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