Gruesome and Cruel: 11 massacres under Duterte (2/2)


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Human rights group Karapatan said the police and military usually justify the indiscriminate killing of civilians, whether women, children or elderly, by tagging them as members of the New People’s Army (NPA).

The group blamed Duterte’s absolution of the “burchers in the government” for the worsening “state
of impunity” that “made it possible for these massacres to continue.”

Below are the other massacres that occurred under Duterte’s presidency:

6. Lake Sebu Massacre

On December 3, 2017, composite elements of the 27th IBPA and marines massacred a group of T’boli and Dulangan Manobo in Sitio Datal Bong Langon, Brgy. Ned, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. The victims were occupying a coffee plantation that is part of their ancestral domain landgrabbed by the Consunjis. The Consunjis have long been operating in the ancestral domains of different indigenous communities in the region.

Killed were Victor Danyan, Victor Danyan Jr., Artemio Danyan, Pato Celardo, Samuel Angkoy, To Diamante, Bobot Lagase, and Mateng Bantal. Also reported wounded were Luben Laod and Teteng Laod.

7. Siaton Massacre

On February 22 at around 8:00 am, four farmers – three of them female – were massacred in Sitio Bondo, Barangay Napacao in Siaton, Negros Oriental. According to farmer-survivors, a number of them were harvesting sugarcane while some were already resting when local paramilitary group called “Pulahan” open fired. The said group also double as blue guards for the hacienda estate in Napacao owned by a certain Gaspar Vicente.

Killed on the spot were Consolacion Cadivida, 66; her daughter Jesibel Aballe, 36; and Carmelina Amantillo, 57, all of Sitio Bondo. Also killed was Felimon Molero, 66, from Sitio Salngan ni Mayabon, Zamboguanguita. A fifth farmer, Lito de Jesus, 28, from Mantiquil, Siaton, was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital in Dumaguete.

Responding police found preliminary evidence the incident was premeditated. Victim Aballe was shot pointblank with a .45 caliber while Cadivida’s body was also found in a sitting position still holding her “baon”.

The local police were able to trace and detain the suspects who were still wearing their blue guard uniforms. Despite the perpetrators already identified, nobody has been made to account for the massacre.

8. Payak Massacre

On the morning of April 10, 2018, residents of Sona 6, Payak, Bato, Camarines Sur were rattled when two gunshots, followed by explosions that lasted for 30 minutes. Thereafter, 83rd IBPA soldiers zoned the community, looking for NPAs. Apparently, according to the military, an encounter ensued in the uphill area near the community.

It was around 8AM when the Brgy. Captain, Virginia Saylago, along with other local officials, arrived in the area and announced that three of their fellow villagers were shot. Father and son Orlando San Jose, 47, and Anais San Jose, 25, were killed while in their houses. An hour later, residents found out that Noli Colico, 26, resident of Sona 3, Payak, was also killed after. They saw his body being boarded on the military truck. Fellow residents insisted that the three are civilians, which was later confirmed by the military.

9. Patalunan Massacre

On May 13, an encounter between members of the 96th IBPA and the NPA ensued in Patalunan, Ragay, Camarines Sur.

On the same day, residents Roberto Ramos, 30, Ronel Nariz, 25 and Antonio Bonagua, 19, all of them copra workers were reported missing by their families. From May 14 to May 17, the families, accompanied local officials, looked for their missing kin.

The bodies of the three missing Copra farmers were found on June 22 in a freshly dug grave. According to the preliminary autopsy, Ronel’s penis was cut off, while Antonio had a crack in his skull and a half foot laceration on his shoulder.

10. MILF Massacre

The MILF Massacre occurred on May 25, 2018 at the house of 105th BIAF Deputy Base Commander Dadting Kassan, located in sitio Biao, Brgy. Kibala. Kassan, together with his two sons, Mohamiddin, 25, and Moner, 16, were killed by combined forces of the Matalam Police force and SWAT with the support of the 7th IB of the Philippine Army.

Police Chief of Matalam, Sunny Leoncito, claimed that he and his forces received a search warrant issued by RTC Branch 16 to search the house of Dadting Kassan. When approaching Kassan’s house, Chief Leoncito alleged that Kassan shot him and his forces, which resulted in a heavy encounter that lasted for one hour.

Yet, on further inspection of Kassan’s house, there are no marks of any gunshot holes, suggesting that there was never any heavy encounter. In addition, the house was already cleaned of any bloodstains and the police did not cordon the house for investigation or to protect the evidence.

11. Antique Massacre

Midnight of August 15, 2018, seven of the education and propaganda staff of the CPP and NDF were brutally massacred by combined elements of the 301st Brigade, 61st Infantry Battalion, Antique PMF, and San Jose police in Atabay, San Jose, Antique. Victims were identified as Felix Salditos, Eldie Labinghisa, Peter Mecinas, Karen Ceralvo, Liezl Bandiola, Jason Talibo and Jason Sanchez.

According to initial investigations conducted by Karapatan-Panay, all seven were shot frontally and in close range, as the bullets did not exit the victims’ bodies. The victims were shot in their heads and chests, a sign that the perpetrators had intended to kill them.#


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