Editorial: Moving on, standing against tyranny

Sometime around the date of the commemoration of the anniversary of when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated, Ilocos Norte Governor Maria Imelda Josefa “Imee” Marcos, daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, in a strong reaction uttered; “Why don’t you move on? A question thrown at Filipinos who continued to criticize her and members of her family for the martial rule and economic plunder during the martial law years.

Yes, Ms. Marcos, many have moved on, from simply being victims of the oppression and repression during the martial law days; victims of arbitrary incarceration, torture, arrest and detention, EJK, enforced disappearance, confiscation of livelihood, lands, businesses and resources, etc.

They have moved on to empower themselves into an ever growing force of human rights defenders, environment, health, education activists, activists for justice, for national democracy, for national industrialization, for real change in the system to uplift the economy for the peasants, workers, urban poor, the women and the children, for a just and fair future, for the nation.

It was the International Day of the Disappeared on August 30. Surviving families of the desaparecidos since martial law to the present oppressive regime, with human rights defenders renewed their unity vows to keep “watching” to make sure, “we will get the justice we deserve.”

Enforced disappearances is just one of the brutal methods used since the Marcos dictatorship to the puppet regimes that followed and until now, to wage a war against government critics, activists, leftists and communist guerrillas and their suspected sympathizers.

In the Cordillera, family and friends continue to search for James Balao, who helped found the Cordillera Peoples Alliance, a progressive organization that pushes for the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples in the northern regions of the country. James was abducted on September 17, 2008 by state security forces, and has not been seen since. Hope springs eternal for the Balao family, their relatives and friends, and Life goes on as we call for the State to surface James.

Everyone moves on and doing so does not necessarily mean simply to “forgive and forget” but rather remember the events, draw the lessons and never allow a tyrant, a plunderer, a dictator, a corrupt politician take the reins of managing the land in the name of the people.

Never again to martial law, Justice for the people! #nordis.net


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