SOCOB solicits books about Baguio for City’s Library


BAGUIO CITY — Members of the Society of Outstanding Citizens of Baguio (SOCOB) are initiating a move to enrich local history by encouraging writers and publishers to donate books and narratives about the city.

During their recent meeting, the recipients of Baguio’s most prestigious award recognized the need to gather and collect more published and unpublished journals written by local scribes. It can be recalled that the SOCOB formally opened a designated chamber for local history at the Baguio City Library but needs more reference materials especially about Baguio’s historic past.

“As a society of outstanding citizens of Baguio, we take part in this endeavor by helping out in enriching the collection of our local history. In the end, the worth of history for the community is simply the worthwhile sharing of knowledge about where we live and work and the love for our beloved city-Baguio City” wrote SOCOB member Atty. Betty Lourdes Tabanda in her proposal to the group entitled “Enriching the local History Collection of the Baguio City Public library”.

Adopted by the members, said move to generate contributions and expand the library collections with local history will now be part of the Baguio Charter Day Celebrations this coming September with the SOCOB formally receiving and acknowledging contributions from donors. According to Tabanda, donated books and solicited journals will be properly screened, categorized and labeled by a committee composed of representatives from the City Library and SOCOB.

Following the gathering and sorting of literary works, the solicited items will be formally turned-over to the Baguio City Public Library as part of the month-long celebration of Baguio as a chartered city. Book contributions can be brought to the Philippine Information Agency, 3rd Floor Insular Life Building, Abanao Road Extension. #


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