Ilocos students hit SUCs’ implem of Free Education Law


LAOAG CITY — Students from State Universities and Colleges across the Ilocos Region still paid various school and department fees ranging from Php50 – P1150 upon enrollment for the school year 2018-2019. This, despite the implementation of the Free Education Law.

“Despite the victory of our collective struggle, Free education remains a dream for the youth,“ said Lea Grace Alfiler, Anakbayan Ilocos, Chairperson. Aside from these fees, the students are forced to sign a waiver for Return Service System (RSS) in exchange for availing the free education despite it (RSS) being suspended for 1 year.

“It is like, no signed RSS, no free education. Thus, the students are left with no choice but to sign. In its true essence, this is a Study now, Pay later plan, a forced labor scheme for the students,” Alfiler added.

In addition to this, UNP students are obliged to sign another waiver for Data Privacy Protection. Should students withhold their consent, they will be denied any right to enroll. This aims to gather students’ personal information of which can be disclosed or used, if needed, without any accountability to the school or for the results.

“This move is alarming since the UNP administration has a long history of violating students’ democratic rights, such as surveillance, intimidation and harassment.” Alfiler emphasized.

“This Free education Law is utterly misleading the youth. Moreover, skyrocketting prices of basic necessities because of the TRAIN Law which cancels out Free education specially with the fees being collected. As a result, Free education is of no big help to Ilocanos. In addition to this, Region 1 remains to have the lowest minimum wage (P256-310)”, Alfiler added.

“We call on the Ilocano youth to unite our ranks and uphold our victory. Let us remain vigilant and challenge CHED and Duterte Administration to fulfill its obligation in providing free and quality education for all.” We remain firm in our call for “Education is a right, not a privilege. Education for all”! said Alfiler.

Anakbayan-Ilocos case study showed that students in DMMSU (La Union) pay P50 for garbage fee; P100 for PTA fee; and 4th year Pol Sci students pay P500 for Thesis Fee. In UNP (Ilocos Sur), students pay P10 for ID/Library card; P310 for student Misc Fee; P200 for Quality assurance P40 for Mutual Aid; P20 for Red Cross and P10 for Girl Scout membership fee. In MMSU Ilocos Norte, students pay P900 for Prctice Teaching Fee and for 4th year General Education Majors P300 for Field Study Fee.

In UNP, the students reportedly paid department fees aside from those listed above. Students in CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) paid a Cultural fee of P50; Intrams fee of P 100; Publication fee of P 70; SASO membership of P 100; SC membership fee of P20; and ID lace fee of P115. These additional fees totals to P455.

The College of Engineering students pay P100 for Cultural fee; P50 for Edifice; P50 for Intrams; P20 for SC membership; P100 for EDSA and P115 for ID lce; totalling to P485. For the College of Social Work pay P115 for ID lace; P150 for Intrams; P60 for Publication, P20 for SC fee; and P100 for SMGP fee that totals to P445.

In the College of Technology students pay a total of P2,525 that include P5 for Library card; P10 for ID/Library card validation; P1,150 for Shop fee; P310 for SMF fee; P530 for PE Uniform; P500 for OJT-BS Industrial Technology; P10 for GSP membership; and P10 for PRC. Student in the College of Fine Arts pay a total of P535 that in clude P200 for AO membership fee; P100 for AO Cult Fee; P100 for Intrams contri; P115 for Lanyard; and P20 for SC Fee. # Jennybeth


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