Bandillo: Terminated for the nth time


The president has declared anew that he could not deal with the revolutionary left citing the spate of tactical offensives and the alleged demand for coalition government.

Quoting the president, “I have terminated the talks with the Reds – Communist Party of the Philippines, with Sison because in the series of agreements before, even the time of Aquino, they entered into so many things that scattered the privileges and power which they wanted.” He said this during the launch of the “Pilipinas Angat Lahat Alliance” in Malacanang last Tuesday.

“We summed it all and it would really appear that it was a coalition government and I said, I cannot give you an inch of that eve. I cannot give you what is not mine.,” he added.

Duterte proceeded to declare that the government would instead resume the fight against the communist revolutionary army .

Where is the peace talks going? Indeed. Duterte has been canceling, stopping talks every now and then. He stopped the talks on February just after the successful Rome Round of GRP-NDF Peace Talks. He again scuttled the talks in May 2017 after the CPP’s condemnation of the declaration of Martial law in Mindanao.

Just when talks were about to be revived, he terminated GRP-NDF Peace Negotiations on November 23, 2017 when he signed Proclamation 360 and further killing the talks with Proclamation 374 designating CPP and NPA as terrorist organizations.

After a series of back-channel talks since February to June, Duterte again suspended talks to give way to AFP’s demand to scuttle talks and turn to localized peace talks.

NDFP’s Chief Political Consultant Joma Sison chided President Duterte for “never getting tired of repetitively terminating the GRP=NDFP peace negotiations”

Sison also called “sham” Duterte’s invitation for him to come home. “Duterte was inviting me to the Philippines after he issued those two proclamations. He was in fact demanding all along the surrender and political suicide of the revolutionary movement of the people before any comprehensive agreement on social, economic and political reforms.”

Joma did not mince words by calling him as “mass murderer and terminator of peace negotiations.” “He has to terminate the peace negotiations to be able to scapegoat the CPP and NPA for the purpose of declaring martial law nationwide. “

Massacre in Panay

There is this news of an “encounter” between the AFP and NPA in Panay Island. As I scoured the news wires, I came to realize that what has been peddled as an encounter was actually a case of summary execution by PNP San Jose, 61st IB, 301st Bde and other armed personnel of the state.

NDFP Panay in a statement claims the victims of summary execution are members of the cultural and propaganda staff of the CPP and NDF Panay. They have been conducting researches and investigations in Antique. They are Felix Salditos, Eldie Labinghisa, Karen Ceralvo and Liezel Bandiola, Jason Talibo and an alias Jason Sanchez.

The massacre is nothing to brag about. On the contrary, there are clear cases of violations of international protocols regarding rules of war and engagement, particularly the Geneva Conventions and the GRP-NDF Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Apparently, the victims were unarmed. So it could not have been an encounter. They appeared to be sleeping when they were fired at. The military also claims that they were on mission to deliver warrants of arrest to certain personalities. At the dead of the night?

Encounters Cagayan Valley and Apayao

There have been an increasing incidence of armed encounters between the AFP and the NPA in Cagayan Valley. Yesterday, August 16, there was a clash in Sindon Bayabo, Ilagan that began at 5am. The AFP reported casualties despite employing air strikes against the NPA. Prior to this, there had been at least 4 encounters in Jones and Echague Isabela. Clashes were reported, too, previously declared insurgency-free provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Apayao.

With the resurgence of fighting, it becomes urgent and imperative that the GRP and NDFP Peace Talks resume. After all the aim of the talks is to resolve the roots of the armed conflict. #


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