NUJP’s 10TH GA marked by protest vs media killings


QUEZON CITY — Despite the rains, participants to the 10th congress of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) staged a black Friday protest to condemn the latest media killing under the Duterte administration.

Jo Clemente, acting NUJP national chair said the killing of Denis Denora of Davao del Norte is the 11th under the present administration. “We condemn the continuing killings of journalists and culture of impunity as we call for an end to these,” she said.

Clemente said that the 10th NUJP congress is a venue to forge tighter unity to battle the continuing killings of journalists and attacks to press freedom and other democratic institutions.

Kath Cortez, secretary general NUJP Davao City said the protest also serves as venue to forward the plight of media practitioners from the provinces especially in Mindanao. She said that Mindanao journalists face intensified harassment and threats because of the extended martial law.

“We are also being denied access to information and being forced to echo whatever the powers that be wants us to report,” Cortes said.

“We should unite to fight for press freedom,” she added.

Marchel Espina, chair NUJP Bacolod chapter said that the Duterte administration’s intolerance to dissent has resulted to rights violations.

She said that government critics are labeled as Dilawan or communists and become the subject of attacks from a troll army.

Meanwhile, the NUJP holds its 10th general assembly in Quezon City over the weekend. Journalists and media workers from all over the country have gathered to elect its national directorate and new set of officers, and to update its next general program of


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