NCIP-CAR welcomes K-12 IP graduates to fill its vacant scholarship grants


BAGUIO CITY — Pursuant to their mandate in assisting the less fortunate indigenous youth and students for their right to education enshrined in the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), National Commission on Indigenous Peoples – Cordillera Administrative Region (NCIP-CAR) welcomes fresh graduates of the K-12 program to fill the vacant slots in the agency’s scholarship grant.

“As of now there are around 600 plus vacant slots for the scholarship grant that await our IP youth and students of CAR who are wanting to enroll the tertiary level education,” disclosed by NCIP-CAR Regional Director Atty. Roland Calde.

According to the NCIP-CAR Director, student aspirants need only to secure their (1) latest grades and if they are enrolled, their enrolment form (2) Certificate of Conformation (COC) from the NCIP office (3) latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of Certificate of Tax Exempt, and their application from that is to be provided by the NCIP office.

“Some might consider our requirements as taxing but there is no substitution for such requirements”, said Calde. He added that requirements for the scholarship grant have already been compressed into four to make it more accessible and less strenuous to the IP youth and students.

“Requirements are place to merely determine of whether or not applicants are from an indigent family, if they are indeed indigenous and if they perform well in the in their scholastic obligations”, said Calde.

Calde said applicants are only required 80 percent of their general average grades but are also obligated to maintain the same.

Application forms are available at the NCIP Community Service Centers scattered throughout CAR. According to Calde, IP youth and student aspirants should complete the required data being asked from the application form and that they should submit the same along with their COC, enrolment form or latest grades and their ITR at the nearby NCIP Community Service Center near their vicinity.

List of applicants will then be forwarded to their NCIP Provincial Offices for screening and ranking. From the NCIP Provincial Office, rankings will be endorsed to the NCIP Regional Office to be deliberated by the Regional Scholar Committee. If the number of vacant slots cannot accommodate the number of applicants, the Committee will reduce some of the applicants to the waiting list. Both the waiting list and the master list of scholars will then be forwarded to the NCIP Commission En Bank (CEB) for approval.

In cases wherein scholars during the semester opted to discontinue or failed to maintain the required scholastic requirement, students from the waiting list will succeed them by taking over their slot after they are stricken out from the master list by the NCIP Commission En Bank.

“Lucky NCIP scholars will enjoy a monetary assistance from the Commission amounting to 10,000,” said Calde. He said that aside from the monetary assistance, NCIP scholars will be benefiting from the trainings and seminars to be conducted by the Commission for free.

“We also conduct series of educational discussions, trainings and seminars to our NCIP scholars during the tenure as grantees of the NCIP Educational and Assistance Program (EAP) of the Commission” said Calde. Educational discussions, trainings and seminars according to Calde ranges from cultural and leadership trainings to seminars involving issues concerning the IP throughout CAR.

Just last school year there are around 400 scholars who graduated not including the 179 graduates during the first semester school year 2017-2018. These slots are now open for IP applicants.

To aspiring and interested NCIP scholars, you may visit the nearest NCIP Community Service Centers within your respective provinces. #


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