Editorial: We want peace now!


Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate said a few days ago, “It would be best for the DND and the AFP to concentrate on the defense of the Philippines from China and the US that are now increasing their military activities in our territories instead of trying to sabotage the peace talks that can pave the way for a just and lasting peace and uplift the lives of majority of Filipinos.”

Recent and consistent national news reports warn of breaches to Philippine territories by incursions made by China claiming the entire Kalayaan group of islands and much of the West Philippine Sea, and the U.S. interests to keep their free access also to the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea to protect its shipping trade lines and access for its navy in the Pacific.

An active monitoring and asserting the right to secure Philippine interests over these islands and over the fishing areas of Filipino fishermen, who are there almost daily for their livelihood, could have been enough for our navy patrols and coast guards to protect while they also monitor and warn trespassers off our sea/ocean boundaries which is what they really can do. Their (navy patrols and coast guards) mere presence everyday is enough to declare the Philippines is protecting its ownership over the territory. And, most of all assure the ordinary Filipino citizen that the Armed Forces of the Philippines is truly insuring their security as a sovereign nation free from foreign invasion.

Instead, our government armed forces are seen by everyday people as defending big local and foreign business’ aggressive incursions over what the Filipinos believe is their ancestral domain, their common resources and their homeland which clouds the image of an armed force sworn to defend our country and its constitution.

Then there is the question if Duterte is sincere at forging agreements to address the roots of the civil war or revolution being waged by both the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), and the CPP-NPA. How true is he to his promise to address the issues of Peace in the country?

So far he seems to have listened more to the militarists in his government to postpone the GRP-NDFP peace talks again which raises questions on the government’s resolve to formalize agreements to work with the NDFP to pursue genuine agrarian reform, rural development, national industrialization and economic development. This would all the more, if it has not already, cast serious doubt “on the integrity or sincerity of the present national leadershisp to achieve peace and true economic development for the wider impoverished Filipino populations.”

Us, the ordinary citizens and the majority of Filipinos must get more involved and make it known to both the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) that all of us are for Just Peace and true economic development for the wider impoverished Filipino populations. Write your local government leaders, legislators, local newspapers and broadcast groups and express your intelligent choice and support for the achievement of just peace for the whole country. Resume the peace negotiations, now. # nordis.net


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