Baguio youth groups launch signature campaign vs Train law


BAGUIO CITY — Progressive youth groups in the city initiated a petition against the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, initially signed by hundreds of market vendors and consumers, on June 12 at the city’s public market.

DERAILED BY TRAIN. Construction workers from the informal sector do not benefit from the tax exemption stipulated in the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) Law. They, however, bear the brunt of increased prices in goods and services. Photo courtesy of Quimberlyn Ranchez

The signature campaign aimed to condemn the TRAIN law due to its negative impact on Filipino people’s daily income.

“Uray ibaga da nga ibabada ti income tax rate no ngumato met ti tax rate dagiti magatgatang ken serbisyo, kurang latta ti takehome pay tapno makagatang ti inalda-aldaw a kasapulan. Dagitoy pay ketdi ti nangpakaro iti rigattayo nga umili,” Karla Naogsan, member of Salidummay-Benguet State Uiversity, said.

Only a burden

According to Sosima Remiendo, fish vendor at the public market, the tax law is a burden to vendors, as well as to consumers, like her due to the price hikes of basic commodities.

“Dahil sa mga tumataas na bilihin, mas nagiging mahirap kaming mahihirap,” she said.

Remiendo added that the rich and large company owners are the only people who benefit from the tax law.

Also, Daoden Kate Sarmiento, a student in Baguio, condemns the TRAIN law. According to her, the government pushes the tax law for the betterment of the country’s economy but real situations show that it only puts the burden on the poor.

“Pinipilit ng gobyerno na para sa ikabubuti ng ekonomiya ang TRAIN law pero pasanin lang naman ito sa mga mamamayan. Bilang estudyante at konsyumer, mahirap sa akin na i-budget ang allowance ko kasi nagsisitaasan lahat ng bilihin,” she added.

Call to action

Meanwhile, jeepney drivers too are against the gasoline price hike brought by the law.

According to Johnny Abansi, the amount of money they earn from driving for a day is lessened due to the gasoline price hike and the steady fare system.

“Tumaas kasi ang presyo ng krudo at diesel tapos hindi naman maitaas yung presyo ng pamasahe. Mas mataas pa nga yung pinanggagasolina namin kaysa sa kinikita namin kaya minsan wala kaming maiuwi,” he explained.

Abansi added that the government must stop the implementation of TRAIN and control the price of gasoline.

Progressive youths also called to junk the tax law. “Isu nga kasapulan tayo nga agtignay tapno masardeng ti tuloy-tuloy nga panangparigat ti TRAIN,” Naogsan said.

The signature campaign is a nationwide drive launched along with the celebration of Independence Day. Campaign volunteers against the law will hop around schools, communities, and public spaces all over the city to gather signature. #


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