As the bamboos sway: The 2016 Elections were for BB Marcos all the While, I think


Before Bongbong Marcos announced his candidacy for the vice-presidency in the 2016 elections in the Philippines, he flew to Davao to talk to then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. What were discussed were not publicly known. Speculations raised, however, was that, more than likely, BBM wanted to be the running mate of Duterte should he run for president. At around that time, Duterte cited the need for about 10 to 15 billion pesos for a campaign war chest for him not to have any deterrent in running.

As it unfolded, BBM became the running mate of the fiery Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who in July 2, 2014 revealed she was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer but would still ran for president for the third time if her cancer goes into remission. BBM, nonetheless, even if he was not running under the wings of Duterte, announced in October 5, 2015 that he would still support Duterte if ever he does run.

In November 26, 2015, Duterte formally filed his candidacy for president. Meaning, there was no longer any deterrent to his running. He must have gotten his 10 – 15 billion pesos war chest. Later on, although Imee Marcos denied it, Duterte would thank her for supporting his campaign.

Quid pro quo was expected to happen, happened, and should still be happening – all expected in favor of Bongbong Marcos.

With a humongous war chest (presumed from still hidden plundered money), Marcos paddled two canoes. With the Marcos name still in bad taste, he did not run under Duterte who, at that time, was already popular in the polls. Running as Duterte’s mate would diminish Duterte’s populist stance and quid pro quo would not happen if both of them lose. BBM instead ran under Santiago who was fiery and popular herself. Should both of them win, she would soon die, and presto, Marcos would occupy Malacañang again. Should Duterte win and Marcos also wins, Duterte will just wither away and Marcos becomes president. Remember “if I don’t stop corruption…drug problem…etc.,” I will resign? That was all meant to transfer Malacanang to Marcos.

So Duterte campaigned, riding on what the people wanted. You want the drug problem solved? We will kill them all. You want corruption solved? We will clean the government in six months. You want the Imperialist troops out? We will kick them out. Duterte even plagiarized but tweaked the program that Santiago promised she would have done. Minus the extra judicial killings, “Her platform stands on the effective and efficient upholding and implementation of national and state-recognized international laws, enhancement of the agriculture industry with a focus on irrigation and farm-to-market roads, enhancing all seaports and airports in the country, creating at least one major government project in all provinces and all regions in the Philippines, building and highlighting the country’s diplomatic affairs in the international level while skyrocketing the country’s defense capabilities, and eradicating graft and corruption, which she believes to be the cause of poverty and inefficiency in the country.”

And the people want peace? We will renew peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) represented by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) because Duterte claimed to be a leftist as a former member of the Kabataang Makabayan and a former student of the founding chairman of the CPP, Joma Sison.

However, Marcos and Duterte were blindsided by the winning of Leni Robledo as vice-president. The simple widow of former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, a lawyer and a social activist, and who served as representative of Camarines Sur’s Third District defeated BBM by 263,473 votes. Due to the narrow margin, BBM cried foul, claims to have been cheated, and demanded a recount.

Due to machinations of policies by the Commission on Elections and the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, the recount is still going on. And machinations are still going on so that the recount, apparently, would eventually favor BBM.

Quid pro quo, however, was still implemented. Duterte allowed the burial of Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Battalions of trolls had been reported recruited to deodorize the Marcoses by rewriting history in favor of their not being ousted by Peoples Power. In one of his spiels, BBM even said that they have been victims of fake news for the longest time, claiming that the Marcoses have not plundered the Philippine coffers, that the Philippines should now be better than Singapore if they have not left the country, that they could apologize for the thousands of kilometers of roads and buildings constructed during the Marcos regime – when it has been proven that they have plundered the coffers to the tune of at least ten billion dollars.

As the recount is going on, Duterte could not resign as promised in his failed drug war, his failed cleansing of the government from graft and corruption – in both of which, his son, daughter and close cohorts are involved. He has no concrete program on industrialization and agricultural reforms because he never had one for he was to leave the office early in favor of BBM. The US troops are still in the Philippines. He has squandered Aquino’s victory in the arbitrary decisions against China’s encroachment on Islands belonging to the Philippine Seas and remarked that the Philippines is better off being a province of China.

Instead of concentrating on the betterment of Filipinos lives, Duterte is confronted and busy fighting off his critiques. He managed to imprison Leila De Lima who is a fierce critique since his mayoral days in Davao. Lately, he managed to have eight judges of the Supreme Court to eliminate Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno using an unprecedented Quo Warranto angle paving a precedent for any high ranking official to be also removed from office at his whim.

Last May 29, it has been reported that “President Rodrigo Duterte has questioned the legitimacy of Vice President Leni Robredo’s office in a speech on Monday, in front of senators, representatives, members of the cabinet, government officials, and foreign dignitaries.” He added ““Ano ba ang latest count nitong kay Bongbong (Marcos) at ni ano (Robredo). Vice-President ba talaga ‘yan?”

The telling statement signals a last straw on the move to oust the duly elected vice-president of the Philippines and the fulfillment of a quid pro quo.

All in favor of Bongbong Marcos to become, ultimately, the next president of the projected Federal Government of the Philippines.#

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