Tañada for amending gov’t code not federalism


IN SOLIDARITY. Former Representative Erin Tañada (left) attended the 34th Celebration of Cordillera Day last April 23. Windel Bolinget, Chairperson of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance shares their concern on the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project.

BAGUIO CITY — Erin Tanada, a former congress representative said that instead of rushing the shift into a federal form of government, it would be better to improve and fully implement the Local Government Code.

“The Local Government Code is some sort of federalism because it has devolved power to the local governments,” Tanada said.

But Tanada said funds has not been devolved yet. He said that this problem can be addressed through amendments. He said that federalism is not the answer to all the problems the country is facing.

“I am not against federalism, that is just a structure, at the end of the day the greater question is who will run the structure,” he said.

Tanada said that among the amendments to made is on the issue of resource management. He said that at the moment, the local government collects taxes, submits it to the national treasury and then wait for the national government to send back their share.

Tanada said that the present transfer of funds from the national to the local coffers takes a long time. He added that it also is vulnerable to patronage politics.

“The present process paves the way to turncoatism of local officials, the newly elected President looks at the color of those in the local posts, this is why the first to jump to the other side of the fence are the mayors and governors,” he said.

Tanada said the solution is to amend the local government code so LGUs will only remit the national government’s share. He added that the sharing scheme could also be amended. #nordis.net


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