Editorial: Mother Tanaw writes 30

Yesterday, we received the message, ”Nay inmey et si mother Petra, she passed away at the Bontoc General Hospital at 10 pm last night. Maifaag is wakas, Sunday (today) then burial on Thursday (May 31), Minainit isunga very early mass at 6:00 in the morning. We celebrate her life, 90 years. Wake is at Loc-ong. Thank you.”

Recognized, highly respected and much loved mother of the progressive and militant people’s movement in the Cordillera, Mother Petra ‘Tan-aw’ Macliing of Mainit, Bontoc, consistently added to her mark as an indigenous peoples rights and human rights defender, women’s and children’s rights activist, a staunch protector of the environment and campaigner for food sovereignty, since the 1960’s when she, and her village mates led an all women’s contingent to protest and prevent the entry of corporate mining into their ‘ili’.

“She has (had) an inherent sense of justice and compassion for the people even before she became an activist,” her youngest daughter recalled.

This strong, courageous, compassionate, hard working and diligent mother, grand mother and great grandmother shall live in long in the collective memory of the Cordillera, of all indigenous peoples’ communities who have come to know her and the Filipino progressive movement as well as international IP formations she has inspired throughout her life.

Your newspaper, The Diaryo ti umili ti Amianan is one with in the celebration of her life’s example, as chair of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance said, “We can learn a lot from her life. She’s an inspiration to all indigenous peoples and women because of her extra-ordinary leadership,”. Agbiag!#nordis.net


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