Editorial: “El pueblo unido jamas sara vecido”


“The people united shall never be defeated,” a chant that originated from people’s mobilizations for liberation. It became an inspiration for many artists, several songs and music pieces were composed that depicted the Chilean people’s struggle for democracy in the mid 70s against the martial rule under an alleged CIA installed ruler, who was eventually removed and charged of crimes against humanity–genocide and terrorism against the Chilean people.

Here, in the Philippines, some people see comparison to the rise of that Chilean tyrant to the present political situation. The control of the three branches of government-executive, legislative, and now the Judicial with the imposition of the “quo warranto” against Chief Justice CJ Sereno. To the people who appreciate our nation and believe in democracy. Let us not be dismayed nor appalled by the use (corruption) of the Supreme Court to legitimize criminal acts. Instead, let us nurture hope and organize for genuine change in our communities. Strengthen the unity, continue to stick together and seek the solution to this oppressive and undemocratic imposition that only a tyrant creates. Cheer ourselves on and help one another realize our hopes for justice and democracy.

Tomorrow cast your vote in the Barangay elections.

The barangay is the basic unit of governance and you shall somehow decide whether to have tyrants or democratic and compassionate leaders at the helm of your community. Decide now to get involved in the development of your barangay for the good of the whole neighborhood and not for your selfish self only. Get to know your candidates and make them know what kind of a community you want with the whole neighborhood in mind. Vote intelligently as they always say but remember also that intelligent is not voting for the money.

Each barangay in Baguio find common problems: the sewage system that overflow with the rivers on the streets whenever it rains; the lack of water in ordinary households, the inability to properly deal (instead of bearing) with everyday public garbage and sanitation; health, security in the barangay against crime; etc. Your vote and involvement in your community is important to drawing collective solutions to these neighborhood problems. See you at the polls tomorrow.# nordis.net


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