Letters: Warning to the people of Mountain Province against syndicated extortion


March 15, 2018

The Leonardo Pacsi Command (LPC) NPA – Mountain Province warns the people of Mountain Province of extortionists posing as representatives of LPC victimizing business people, professionals, government officials and even students. In particular, reports of extortion with grave threats were received from Natonin, Bontoc, Bauko and Sagada. One extortionist is using the name Ka Elmer. Last year, LPC again exposed and foiled similar cases of extortion perpetrated by a certain Commander Soriano, posing himself pretentiously from a fake and non-existing Red Arrow Command.

The LPC, being part of the revolutionary movement, does not engage in extortion activities. The collection of taxes which is a fundamental function of any government, is exercised by the revolutionary people’s government within its jurisdiction. The tax implementing group, designated by the revolutionary people’s government, implements revolutionary taxation through its official representatives and assisted by the NPA. Revolutionary taxation is processed through official and confidential letters, trusted and secured channels, formal negotiations and official communication lines. It is never done through dubious letters and calls; and only big businesses and landlords are the target for revolutionary taxation. Donations, pledges and contributions of support in cash or in kind are the ones solicited from small businesses, professionals, rich peasants and the masses by the people’s red army without any threat or intimidation.

Accumulated taxes and all other forms of support are used in the implementation of economic, health, education and socio-cultural programs, political campaigns and activities for the people’s welfare, and for the operations of the entire revolutionary movement, unlike the reactionary government that is full of graft and corruption for the enrichment of greedy politicians and officials.

The LPC calls the attention of our people, especially those who have been victimized or are presently being targeted by these criminal extortionists, to be critical and stop entertaining dubious calls, letters and threats. Likewise, to report such activities and intimidation to local Party branches, revolutionary mass organizations or directly to the LPC. We also warn that most of these extortionists are actually paid agents of the reactionary state and its fascist AFP-PNP, tasked to destroy the credibility and integrity of the CPP-NPA-NDF. They not only seek to discredit the revolutionary government but also to enrich themselves from such anti-people and criminal activities. # nordis.net


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