Ilocandia Rumblings: Daranudor ti Ilocandia


Literary should be about the human condition. A mirror of society. Do not just talk about your pains and sadness, you should extend this to the pains and sadness of the people around you.

The person who said this, made these past two days a great awakening. Attending Talastasan, the lecture series sponsored by the University of the Philippines Baguio College of Arts and Communications deeply touched the Ilokano in me. Dr. Aurelio Agcaoili, the speaker for the activity, delivered his pieces well, enough to challenge me to rethink the medium I use for this column.

In the topic ‘Radical Dis/Courses in Ilokano-Amianan Poetics’, he expertly pointed out that we are currently facing a great problem – the state’s public policy of anchoring mainly on two languages, English and Filipino. The former, mainly feeds the country’s labor-export policy and needs of the corporate world. The latter on the otherhand is for the government’s thrust to develop a ‘national language’ to imbue the sense of nationalism and create an identity. Because of this policy, the speaker posited that “we are killing our other languages, they are being put in the sideline as mere exhibits.”

But more alarming than killing our other native languages, or the Ilokano language in particular is the fact that there are about 12 million Ilocanos. Most of who are the farmers, workers, fisherfolks, the poor people in the countryside and urban centers. Many yearning for social justice and genuine freedom, yet a significant number are not taking action to get there.

For the speaker, one major factor is the lack of radical Ilocano writers in the mainstream. Writers who are armed with the wit, skills and conviction to write of what he calls “literature that acts as witness of the happenings of our time and tells what we should do about it.” Based on his personal assessment, of the 500 or so active Iloko writers, there are only a handful that exhibit this kind of social conscience.

Manong (Dr. Agcaoili requested that we address him as such) hit the right target (hit the bull’s eye) In the age of intensified propaganda war and deception of those who are in power, there is no better way to touch the consciousness of the politically unawakened from the 12 million Iloko (Ilokanos) than to use their native language.

In the maiden issue, I wrote that this column was “conceived to bring to the readership of Northern Dispatch some insights on and analysis of the issues and events in the Ilocos Region.” To give justice to this statement and accede to the strong request from our audience, who are mostly from the Ilocano masa, in the next appearance, this column will carry the heading ‘Daranudor ti Ilocandia’ and will be in Ilocano. In fact, I am starting it now with a brief commentary on the grounding of two Chinese vessels in Santiago, Ilocos Sur.

Tsino a nangipaay ti didigra idiay Gabao

Kinumpirma ti mangidadaulo ti Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Management Office ti probinsya ti sinao dagiti mangngalap ti Brgy. Gabao kasilpo ti naawat ti munisipyo a nasurok P1 milyon (P1.5 M kuna ni PENRMO). Naggapu ti nasao a kuarta manipud ti akinbagi ti naisadsad a barko iti lugar.

Kas akin lakun ti lugar a nakapasamakan, rumbeng a ti LGU ti agdesisyon nu kasano ken mano ti kompensasyon para iti nadadael a kadilian ken taktak ti pangkabiagan dagiti agindeg. Ngem nu ti nasao a gatad ket isun ti ikonsiderana a bayad ti kabuklan, palalo daytoy a panangloko kanyatayo!

Kadagiti lugar ti pagilian nga addan ti naputar a lokal a linteg kasilpo ti kastoy a pasamak, P9,000-P15,000/metro kuwadrado (sqm) ti masingsingir. Idi 2003, P13000/sqm ti multa ti naisadsasd idiay Apo Reef Natural Park. Aggatad met ti P24,000/sqm ti siningir ti United States of America iti pasamak idiay Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary bayat a P28,000/sqm idiay Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Nu kuntaren tayo babaen ti kababaan a multa a P9,000, dumanon a P4.59 milyon koma ti maibayad para iti 510 sqm a kadilian a dinadael ti dua a barko. Isunga ti P1.5 milyon a pisos ket kasla maysa a limos nga inpaay ti akinbagi ti barko.

Ngem sino kadi ti akinbagi dagitoy lugan a naisadsad iti kadilian ti Gabao? Segun ti Municipal Police report, adda ti immay nangkita a Tsino manipud ti kompanya a ZRM PTE Limited. Iti panagsukisoktayo, napagammoan a nakabase daytoy iti Singapore ken agnegneggosyo ti graba ken anay (sand), ken clay (pitak). Iti met dokumento a naala iti website ti Bureau of Customs iti Port of San Fernando, La Union, dagitoy ket nakarehistro iti Keen Peek Corporation idi 2015.

Ti Keen Peek Corporation ket isu ti nagaplikar para iti panangproseso dagiti maikkat a graba ken anay iti iyaramid koma a panagdraga iti wangawangan ti Abra River idiay Caoayan ken Santa. Kasosyo daytoy ti Isla Verde Mining and Development Corporation (IVMDC). Mapapati a maymaysa dagiti agpupuonan a grupo manipud ti Tsina iti dua a korporasyon nga addaan opisina ken pasilidad idiay Pantay Tamurong, Caoayan. Ti IVMDC ket immununan a kinatulag ti probinsya tapno iyaramid ti panagdraga ken panangala ti blacksand kas kasukat ti serbisyo na. Natiliwan daytoy nga iligal nga agminminas ken agibyabyahe ti blacksand idi Enero 2013. Ngem saan daytoy a natuloy kalpasan ti nairut a protesta ti umili, simbaan ken dagiti grupo a mangsalsalaknib ti aglawlaw.

Kayat na saoen, dagitoy a barko dagiti negosyante a Tsino a nangipaay ti didigra idiay Gabao ket immununan a nangikabil ti peggad ti biag, pangkabiagan ken aglawlaw ti umili ti Caoayan ken Santa. Iti kasasaad a pirmi ti kinasinged ti administrasyon ni Duterte iti Tsina, agsagana tayon ti adaddu pay a didigra ken panangipaay daytoy ti limos kasukat ti panangdadaelda ti aglawlaw. #


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