Group asks Duterte to stop Burnham Park dev’t plan


BAGUIO CITY — Joseph Claridades, representing Smarter Roads wrote President Rodrigo Duterte and asked him to declare Burnham Park a no build zone temporarily and notify the city government for not complying with the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP).

“We ask that Burnham Park to be temporarily declared a NO BUILD ZONE until such time that a proper committee is formed, composed of Architects, Urban Planners, Historians, private citizens and other major stakeholders,” Claridades’ letter read.

Claridades said the committee should be tasked to create the guidlines for the development for Burnham Park.

Claridades, attended the April 11 public consultation called for by the city council for a proposed resolution for the Burnham Park development and informed the public about his letter.

Claridades said the city council and all other concerned government agencies also failed to implement the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the city.

“We also appeal to President Duterte, to place on notice the local government of Baguio and the concerned government offices for their failure of compliance under the Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2013-2023 and Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance particularly,” Claridades’ letter said.

Claridades also asked for the CEMO to be reviewed and audited by an independent committee. He accused CEPMO of failing “to deliver its mandate to maintain and sustain Burnham Park under EO No. 224, Series of 1995 and EO 69, Series 2009”.

The April 11 consultation was the second round of public consultations for a proposed ordinance for the implementation of the master development plan of Burnham Park filed by Councilor Edgar Avila.

Avila said they will call for one more consultation to accomodate other groups and individuals who would want to present their position and suggestions on the park’s development.

Avila’s proposed ordinance seeks the granting of authority to the mayor to implement the Burnham park master development plan which specifies the construction of a multi-level parking building with concession areas at the area between the Baguio City National High School campus ang skating rink called the Baguio auditorium. #


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