As The Bamboos Sway: Supreme mockery of the Supreme Court


Events unfolding in the Philippines now with President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte as the main clown are so funny, I could not even laugh anymore. First in my list rests on Digong meeting with Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited Chairman Dr. Lui Che Woo in Dec. 6, 2017. The Group is a Macau-based casino company and those present in the meeting said that a casino in Boracay was discussed. Shortly, in Feb. 15, it was reported that Boracay had been declared a cesspool by Digong and tourist businesses were given only two months to clean up or face closures.

With the outcry against a perceived casino taking over the gamut of tourist related industries where an estimated P56 billion will be foregone revenues and with as much as 36,000 people to be rendered jobless, Digong delivers a punchline early April that he does not know anything about a casino and that Boracay is being cleaned up because it is a land reform area which will be given to peasants. If you did not get the joke, it has been reported that there are no farmlands in Boracay.

The other funny part is there are still those who believe this guy who said that he will jet ski to an island occupied by the Chinese if they will not withdraw from there to shoo them himself. The Chinese had not left, and he has not jet skied because he admitted that it was only a joke. Sorry, but I do not know how to laugh in Chinese.

I think he does because in his visit to China, he blurted he is Chinese to endear himself to the powers that be, so he can sellout the natural resources of the Philippines in exchange for what he deems necessary support for his programs in the Philippines.

What programs? As he has said not having a master plan about Boracay, not having a clear-cut rebuilding plan for Marawi which he allowed to be bombed to smithereens, I know of nothing as semblance of programs for which he keeps borrowing from, primarily, China. I know he mentioned about developing the steel industry but the only metal I know are those piercing the bodies of those who had been and are being extra judicially killed under his continuing watch. Of course, this must be creating employment because Police Chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa has said that they need 2500 more police not only to curb crime but to help fight the communists.

But, bummer. Should they still be recruiting when the government have reported that 4000 New People’s Army (NPA) fighters have surrendered out of the 3700 that the Philippine Army have reported to be the total strength of the NPAs, at least in Mindanao? They only have negative three hundred (-300) to fight or cajole to surrender. Sorry, no need for recruitment. There goes employment. Digong cannot even curb contractualization, creation of jobs pa kaya?

But wait. Digong wants to talk peace with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) again. To me, this is not from a position of strength. After failing to bribe NPAs to surrender, after fake surrenders are not believed, after tagging activists and other advocates as communists, the flame of the struggle keeps bellowing and stronger. To me, a new gambit is being played by this jester. He is proposing that the peace talks be held in the Philippines. Ano ka? Baleh? Peace talks are always discussed in neutral grounds.

Even if you assure the safety of the NDFP consultants while in the Islands, an ooooops! can always happen. And you can always say, again. Joke only. Naniwala naman kayo. If you can arrest consultants like Rafael Baylosis on false charges, what will prevent you or your bellicose personnel to do harm to the consultants? Like you deny the casino in Boracay, you can always say “Wala akong alam diyan.”

Another “wala kang alam diyan” is the unjust kicking out of Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. After denying for so long, you were so irked with her insinuations that you are behind her being ousted, you ordered congress to hasten her impeachment to which Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said that they will do so. You ordered congress? Under the constitution, you can’t do that. Much less that the Quo warranto petition as initiated to remove her as believed to be unfit or unqualified for his or her position.

Justices Teresita De Castro, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, JFrancis Jardeleza and Noel Tijam are clearly beholden to you that they are the complainant, the judges, and the executioners against Sereno, sacrificing their supposed knowledge of the Constitution where a government official like Sereno can only be removed through impeachment at the level of the Senate. Digong has ordered Congress and the so called five biased justices who should recluse themselves from the proceeding. Where are the three branches of government that should balance the administration of the Philippine Republic? Ordering them is dictatorial by any color.

This is condemning the justice system in the Philippines, confirming dictatorship, and debunking democracy in the Philippines.

And the funny thing is only the activists are the only ones marching in the streets to express dissent about all the above funny events. Funnier is they are being tagged as communists.

There are more funny things from this jester in this courtyard that are forthcoming – Only in the Philippines.

Very soon, the laughter will be so loud that they will rise into a crescendo that even deaf ears, for now, will soon hear. #


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