Statements: A display of impunity during Panagbenga


February 24, the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution where Baguio City’s people power had a role 32 years ago, coincided with the Panagbenga Flower Festival parade this year. Let’s talk of grand display of creativity and Baguio’s flower power. Let’s talk about a monumental irony – that jarring spectacle of the Marcos siblings Bongbong and Imee flaunting their presence and political agenda.

We are aware of the Baguio Flower Festival’s imposition of a ban on politicking during the event, so why did the BFFI executive chairman and councilor Elmer Datuin allow this display of impunity and crassness by the Marcoses? What right did the LGU have to think they represent the sentiments of the entire city regarding the crimes of the Marcos dictatorship?

Let us not easily sweep the crimes of the past beneath the sea of fragrance and cheers. You, city officials who schemingly designed this festival to accommodate your patrons are answerable to your constituents. We urge you to look into your intentions and explain why you allowed yourselves to be instruments of these spawns of a dictator. #


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