From floral festival to a funeral wreath fest


BAGUIO CITY — In separate statements the National and Baguio chapters of Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity (LODI) expressed concern about the attendance of the Marcos children Imee and Bongbong in the grand float parade of the Panagbenga Festival 2018.

“Panagbenga is not an ordinary parade. It is not a private event where organizers led by a city councilor could whimsically decide to politicize and turn into a funeral wreath festival.” said LODI National.

“Let’s talk about a monumental irony – that jarring spectacle of the Marcos siblings Bongbong and Imee flaunting their presence and political agenda,” said LODI Baguio while calling the event a “display of impunity.”

They also questioned the decisions made by a city councilor regarding the parade.

“We are aware of the Baguio Flower Festival’s imposition of a ban on politicking during the event, so why did the BFFI executive chairman and councilor Elmer Datuin allow this display of impunity and crassness by the Marcoses? What right did the LGU have to think they represent the sentiments of the entire city regarding the crimes of the Marcos dictatorship?”

LODI Baguio regards public officials responsible for the incident accountable to their constituents while the National Chapter backs them up in seeking accountability versus what seems to be an attempt at historical revisionism and a deodorizing of the Marcoses to the general public.

“If there’s a region that suffered big from Marcosian plunder and terror, it is the Cordillera. If there’s a national minority that fiercely fought the dictatorship, it is the Kaigorotan. The flower festival cannot be allowed to be downgraded to a funeral wreath festival for the burial of this historical record,” the LODI National said. #


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