As The Bamboos Sway: Rafael Baylosis and the tripartite ISM evils


I am privileged to have met Rafael “Raffy” Baylosis in 1969.

Raffy is a Peace Talks National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) consultant who was rearrested without warrant with trumped up charges by Philippine Government agents last January 31, 2018. His arrest is against the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantee (JASIG) which was entered upon by the Government of the Philippines (GOP) and the NDFP which, as explicitly implied, guarantees security and immunity to consultants of the Peace Talks (even if President Rodrigo Duterte has derailed the talks recently). It is also against the Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

I am privileged to have met Raffy because he was one of my mentors who opened my mainstream brainwashed mind to the tripartite evils of feudalism, imperialism, and bureaucrat-capitalism. This led to our honor of being participants of the First Quarter Storm which percolated, through persistent advocacy over 16 years, to the ousting of the dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos in February 1986.

With Raffy, I understood that feudalism in the Philippines was institutionalized by the Spanish colonizers through the encomienda system where the conquistadores were granted humongous parcels of lands to include the indios within as their slaves. Eventually, as the Spanish government was established, the encomienderos had assigned leading local indios to become their capitan-del-barrios, mayors, or gobernadorcillos – the zygotes of Filipino lackeys of foreign dominators.

With Raffy, I was also able to relate that the malady of the depression in the United States in the 1800s would lead the capitalists in the US to seek foreign lands to dominate and bring capitalism to its highest stage – imperialism (which Pope Francis describes as evil but that is another story). With the discovery of the steamship and connecting the West and the East through the railroad system, bringing raw materials to manufacturing companies and distribution of finished products throughout the US became very efficient.

This resulted to overproduction – meaning capitalists cannot sell all their products to local Americans. This led to minimizing or stopping production – meaning laying off workers – meaning stop buying raw materials – meaning farmers and other suppliers wasting their raw produce – meaning no income for the greater population of the US.

This led to the government, upon the prodding of the US capitalists (we must emphasize that the capitalists are not the general American people) to seek other markets as well as other sources of raw materials – these would be foreign lands. Thus, ushered the true color of the US as a jingoist country with the capitalists as the main lobbyists. Historical records could bare that the US started the Spanish-American War with the blowing of the Maine in Havana, Cuba in Feb. 15, 1898.

To make the story short, the Spanish-American War culminated with the Treaty of Paris in December 10, 1898 where the United States acquired all the colonies of Spain, including the Philippines, for $20,000,000.00. Question: If you are paying $20,000,000.00, are you not expecting anything in return?

To cover up the imperialists’ real intentions in the Philippines, the US propaganda machine paraded themselves as liberators of the FLIPS (fucking little people) while massacring thousands of indios or Philipinos (slaves of King Philip). This would be their “benevolent assimilation” of their “little brown brothers” because of their “manifested destiny.”

After the pacification period which lasted until 1910, Filipinization began with “preparing the Filipinos to govern themselves so they could be given independence.”

Question is: who of the Filipinos would the US train to govern the Philippines?

In page 91 of the report of the Philippine Commission in 1901, on the General Theory in Formation of the Government, it is noted: “The theory upon which the commission is proceeding …is to make a government of partly of Americans and partly of Filipinos, giving the Americans the ultimate control…in this condition of affairs, we have thought that we ought first to reduce the electorate to those (who) could be considered intelligent, and so the qualification for voting…are that the voter shall either speak, read, and write English or Spanish, or that he shall have been formerly a municipal officer, or that he should pay a tax equal to $15.00 a year or own property of the value of $250.00.”

These are the landed elite, lackeys of Spain of old. And up to now, after the US has “given” the Philippines its “independence” in 1946, the main governing bodies of the government of the Philippines are peopled with the landed elite.

It must be emphasized that the interests of landlords and peasants are diametrically opposed. What is good for the landlord is detrimental of the peasants. The main interest of a landlord is to maximize produce and profit from the land – meaning pegging cost of production to the barest – compensating peasants to the minimum even to the extent of starvation.

Question: If the landlords dominate the government, would they pass laws beneficial for the sake of the peasantry which compose 75% of the Philippine population?

Moreover, in the need of the imperialists for raw materials, the landlords are only but willing to be their conduits in terms of selling them cheap. They are also the willing conduits of the imperialists in dumping more expensive finished products into the country. This, we call bureaucrat-capitalism.

Furthermore, it is to the interest of the imperialists that the Philippines remains an agricultural country to have a continued source of raw materials. Industrialization is also discouraged as the imperialists must not have competition for their products being dumped in the country.

Results? In the spiral exchange of cheap raw materials and expensive finished products, the Philippines is driven to deeper poverty over the course of time. Non-industrialization begets massive non-employment or underemployment. This led to millions of Filipinos seeking foreign jobs as US servicemen, nurses, and other overseas foreign workers (OFWs).

Understanding the tripartite evils of feudalism, imperialism, and bureaucrat-capitalism has led many to belligerency. Their call is it is only through armed struggle that the masses can liberate themselves from the present system in the Philippines.

Yet the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) with its New People’s Army (NPA) really wants peace. Thus, the NDFP had been sitting down with representatives of the GOP to identify the root causes of the armed struggle so they could identify the solutions to the causes.

Rafael Baylosis is one of the NDFP consultants who advocates for peace.

He must be freed! The other political prisoners, as promised, must be freed!

Otherwise, President Rodrigo Duterte is really plunging the final nails on the coffin of peace. #


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