30 years of advancing dev’t for the Cordi people


BAGUIO CITY — The Center for Development Programs in the Cordillera (CDPC) celebrated its Pearl (30th) anniversary last February 22, 2018 at the Citylight Hotel, Baguio City with the theme “A Retrospect in Sinewing Action towards a Brighter Future”. CDPC shared its lessons learned, gains and challenges for the past 30 years as a way to further strengthen synergy with various development actors and rights defenders towards achieving a common aspiration for the common good for the marginalised communities of the Cordillera region.

PARTNERSHIP. The Center for Development Projects in the Cordillera (CDPC) have been in partnership with Solidagro, a non-government organization in Belguim and the Belgian government through the Province of East Flanders in assisting marginalized communities in the Cordillera by providing appropriate technology, training and health care services among others. Photo courtesy of CDPC

The CDPC was formally launched as a consortium of 12 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in 1987, inspired with a common development agenda aimed at attaining strong people’s welfare and development services towards self-reliance and sustainable development of the Cordillera people, especially to the poor.

For the past 30 years, CDPC contributed to the following development programs and projects: educational resources and database; organizing of farmers and capability building of various community organizations; advocacy and alliance with local government officials and agencies and other development groups/NGOs for socio-economic and welfare assistance to the Cordillera communities; and assistance to socio-economic needs and livelihood project initiatives of various people’s organizations. These include irrigation systems, potable water systems, production and blacksmith tools, seeds, animals, consumer’s cooperative, palay & rice cooperatives, vegetables and herbal gardens, post-harvest needs like rice and corn mill, sugarcane crusher, processing machine for squash noodles, drying pavement, and people’s welfare projects like village pharmacy, footbridge, multi-purpose micro-hydropower, disaster relief and rehabilitation services, and shelters.

Highlights of the 30th anniversary

A photo-gallery exhibiting the different projects of CDPC ranging from infrastructure, post-harvest facilities, sustainable agriculture, and trainings was set up at Citylight Hotel for the 30th anniversary.

Testimonies of community representatives from Abra, Kalinga, Quirino, Ilocos Sur, Ifugao, and Mountain Province expressed how their development cooperation with CDPC helped improve their socio-economic conditions, through capacity building activities and specific projects. These representatives also richly narrated specific development issues they encountered and how CDPC helped in addressing these issues, such as access to clean and potable water and increasing food sufficiency.

A video was presented documenting how CDPC started and how it put into action its vision and mission. It portrayed a journey of experiencing and learning the culture and development situation of the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera in order to understand their plight and aspirations for the future. Furthermore, it featured community areas where the projects of CDPC have been implemented.

The event has been a celebration of fellowship for the people who have been part of the CDPC and Cordillera Peoples Alliance network for the past 30 years of service: from people’s organizations, staff and organizers, board of trustees, partners and friends who contributed to the mission and vision of the CDPC. It was a celebration of partnership towards giving genuine service to the people of the Cordillera, addressing their concerns through development projects and programs and ultimately, empowering communities to chart their self-determined development.

The anniversary also celebrated the partnership and solidarity between the CDPC network and the Belgian people through the Province of East Flanders (PEF) and SOLIDAGRO. # nordis.net


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