Youthspeak: State X fascism X revolution


Fascism, more than a method, is the natural defense-and-preservation orientation of any state. As Lenin would define it, state is the ultimate violent instrument of the ruling class. We would not then be surprised of not seeing any form of reactionary government that has not gone destructive and violent against its own people. Indeed, the state is directed only to one certain vision: to maintain the ruling class in power and keep the economy stagnant for the impoverished majority by implementing policies that would keep the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. To be violent or to kill the resisting population is never a second option.

The central question now then, “to whom does the prevailing state serve?” Inseparably, the state’s armed forces tag along to protect it.

Our history puts its record straight. While the Lumads in Mindanao strived to build their own community schools due to state neglect, what did the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Duterte and his cohorts do in return? Non-stop bombings and intensified militarization of civilian communities!

While the farmers assert their right to land and genuine agrarian reform, what did the AFP, Duterte and his cohorts do in return? Massacre!

While the workers clamor for decent working conditions and wages, employment and the end to contractualization, what did the AFP, Duterte and his cohorts do in return? Worsened neoliberal attacks!

While the people gather in thousands to condemn the fascist and anti-people attacks of the regime, what did the AFP, Duterte and his cohorts do in return? Terrorist-tagging, illegal arrest, trumped-up charges and other desperate attempts to silence the people!

It is then made clearer that no economic nor political policies aimed to pacify and worsen the condition of the people can even be implemented without its counterpart fascist attack. As all anti-people policies such as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN), DOLE Order 174, compressed work week, jeepney phaseout, all-out liberalization of education etc. can never be implemented without resistance. Thus, the war on drugs, war against the Moro and the all-out war have always been part of the grand modus of the Duterte regime – designed not to resolve any criminal nor terrorist conflict in the country, but to ensure the smooth implementation of his tyrannical rule.

It is in this framework that the national democratic movement and the raging masses have analyzed the long-standing history of class struggle of the country. Indeed, the 5-decade revolution waged by the Filipino people remains relevant and necessary. It is only through the ultimate seizing of political power by the oppressed Filipino shall be the orientation of the fascist state shift. It can only be done through the relentless struggle of the people against the ills of our society: subservience to imperialist dictates, backward agriculture and lack of national industries and the reign of bureaucrat capitalists.

In the final analysis, the ruling class will never surrender its political dominance. The state is inherently violent and armed at protecting its interest. Now, what is then left for us to do? #


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