Year of the Dog to bring earth related calamities


BAGUIO CITY — According to Feng Sui experts 2018, the year of the Earth Dog is a good year for agriculture and all other industries that has something to do with the earth. But also warns of earthquakes, land slides and subsidence and other calamities that involves land.

Chiara Yohanna Angela Trinidad, a Feng Sui consultant said that the year of the Earth Dog will be very productive for the agriculture industry.

“It will be a good year for industries that are related to the element earth, and the northern Philippines is very rich in earth,” she said.

Chiara said that this year will aslo be a year for discoveries and explorations especially in the medical arena.

“It a year of too much earth,” Adriel Jose Angelo Trinidad, another Feng Sui consultant said.

Adriel said that the year of the earth dog brings with it more earthquakes, land slides, subsidense and road accidents. He added that the northern Luzon should prepare for calamities related to the earth because the star of misfortune is upon the north.

Adriel said that the earthquake that was felt in Baguio City last February 4 ushered in the year of the dog. He said that February 4 is actually the start of the year of the dog. He added that February 4 is actually the day of the dragon who is at odds with the dog.

Adriel also said that the mining industry and others engaged in earth diggings should take more precaution and make the necessary preparations against land slides and collapses. He added that everybody should be extra careful when travelling or even crossing the road because this year is prone to road accidents.

Accoding to Adriel Baguio City, being located around the center of north Luzon is not that affected by the star of misfortune. He said that the most affected are those at the northern most tip like Ilocos Norte.

But, Adriel said that his predictions should not scare people, rather these should help them prepare for possible calamities. #


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