Tuba wants Baguio to stop using Dairy Farm as garbage staging area


BAGUIO CITY — The Baguio City government will continue to use a portion of the Dairy Farm as temporary staging area for the city’s garbage despite a resolution from the Tuba town opposing the use of the area.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan of Baguio City recornizes that the complaint of Tuba folks regarding garbage stench and reiterated that the city must strictly impose measures to address the problem. He said that only residual garbage should be brought to the Dairy Farm and that the garbage should be shipped out immediately.

“We have to comply if we are to be given a permit,” Domogan said.

The city has yet to receive the approval of Secretary Manny Pinol of the Department of Agriculture for the use of the Dairy farm as temporary garbage staging area.

Domogan said that biodegradable wastes especially those coming from the city slaughter area will be processed properly and brought straight down to Urdaneta City. “Biodegradable wastes should not be brought to the Dairy Farm,” he said.

The city transferred its staging area after the Lamtang temporary transfer facility in La Trinidad, Benguet was closed.

The city hopes to utilize the Dairy Farm area until they are able to work out a deal with the Benguet Corporation for the use of a portion of its Antamok open pit.

On February 6, the Tuba town council passed a resolution asking Mayor Ignacio Rivera to stop the use of the Dairy Farm as a garbage transfer area. This after residents of Barangay Poblacion signed a petition against the use of the area as garabage transfer facility.

The Tuba council complained that garbage is being dumped along Marcos Highway, which is a national highway. The town officials worry that they will be blamed for the garbage dumped along the highway. # nordis.net


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