Students protest Duterte’s looming dictatorship


BAGUIO CITY — Students, led by the Youth Act Now Against Tyranny, staged a protest against President Rodrigo Duterte’s “looming dictatorship” last February 9.

PASISMO, LAPPEDAN. Students, along with various sectors, protest President Duterte’s tyranny and state-sponsored violence. Photo by Norin Gonzales

They slammed the different anti-people policies by the administration such as the Charter Change, Martial Law in Mindanao, continuing fascism via Oplan Tokhang, Kapayapaan and the TRAIN law.

They were joined by teachers, factory and service workers, health workers in calling for the “downfall” of the Duterte regime.

“The repression by this regime is intensifying,” said Philip Obusan of Anakbayan – St. Louis University

He refers to the intensifying crackdown against legal activists and the silencing of news organizations such as Rappler.

He further quoted a recent Duterte pronouncement: “Yes, you say I am dictator. I am really a dictator.”

Meanwhile, Geraldine Cacho of the Movement Against Tyranny (MAT) remembered the protests during the Marcos dictatorship from when she was a member of a youth group.

“The Youth should lead protests,” she said.

The MAT chapter in Baguio was organized with the help of different sectors, organizations and individuals with the youth being at the forefront.

“We cannot pretend to be deaf. We cannot pretend to be blind. We must mobilize against this dictatorship.” she added.

“This fight is not only the fight of the youth. It is also the fight of workers, peasants and national minorities.”

There will be a huge protest on February 23, Friday to further the call to end Duterte’s “fascist dictatorship.” #


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