Lepanto dumps waste near community


BAGUIO CITY — Residents of Gravel Pits, Sapid, Mankayan, Benguet demand attention to the release of mining wastes by the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.

NO FPIC, NO OPERATION. Residents post an “angry” message after Lepanto bulldozed around ten pine trees in the area. Photo courtesy of Lilian Falyao

An open space in the community was turned into a dumpsite by Lepanto. The wastes mainly come from the underground tunnels. Waste from bunkhouses, the milling area, and staff houses are also dumped here. The activity started from October 2017 up to the present.

The wastes include cyanide drums, cyanide boxes and dynamite stubs. Domestic and carpentry waste are dumped.

“It hurts in the nose. We fear for our children living so near,” said resident Ben Sonay.

The residents complain of a toxic smell especially in the morning. The site is less than 50 meters away from the residences.

Since it is near the residences, parents worry about their children getting sick. Dogs and chicken are also in danger because of the toxic waste.

Residents have been consistently complaining but Lepanto insists that the site is only temporary. # nordis.net


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