Editorial: The president, a tyrant, the enemy?


The english dictionary on the net lists the word tyrant as synonymous to dictator, despot, autocrat, authoritarian, oppressor, slave driver, martinet, bully, megalomaniac; a cruel and oppressive ruler.

Any peace loving person upon reading these definitions would just in one’s thought, refuse to be ruled or led by such a character. And would even “envision a world free from tyrants.”

The tyrant in all the characters of the past Philippine presidents was met by mass protest actions from the discerning sectors of Philippine society and against all odds. The most (in)famous despots of them all were “deposed by popular citizens’ demonstrations”. Though not so recognizeable and publicly denied (because of fear of reprisal) the people’s choice against tyranny also drew supportive pressure from consistent actions of the New Peoples Army against the people’s enemy.

Filipinos are a proud people, progress may have come very slow for them (though many pretend it did not) but they have proven they can defend their country and hard won freedom in their victory against the invading imperialist forces in the 2nd world war, and in the People Power Revolution against martial law and ousted a tyrant. Filipinos have proven that being united as a nation, as a people can raise their momentum for progress.

In this wider and more encompassing objective, the Filipinos: Igorots or Lumads or Ilocano, Cagayano or Ibanag, Itneg, Muslims or Christians, etc. … All of us, must study from independent sources, from peoples experiece, and draw the lessons in history, in common experiences as communities or their mass actions that liberated their sectors, towns or villages and barangays from common problems. For it is from these lessons of liberation we draw knowledge and the truth that will keep us from being victims of distorted information, lies or so-called “fake news” that only serve the interests of the tyrant or the oppressor. The truth shall be what will guide and propel us in the right direction — for freedom, justice and peace.

We commemorate the EDSA People Power this week (February 22-26). One forum speaker pointed out, “The 1986 People Power revolution (31 years ago) was not only against a tyrannical regime, it was a people’s war to recover their dignity and freedom…!” # nordis.net


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