Bi Yao, a Chinese painting exhibit


BAGUIO CITY — The Baguio Filipino-Chinese Community launched on February 7 “Bi Yao,” a Chinese painting exhibition of Baguio’s landscape by Norman Chow and Chino Chow. The exhibit is in celebration of the Spring Festival 2018 in Baguio.

CHINESE PAINTING. The elder Chow showed his audience how to double load or double dip a brush using two colors of water color and the younger Chow rendered a monochromatic Chinese painting. Photo by Brenda S. Dacpano

The father and son artists presented and demonstrated to the media the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Traditional Chinese painting basically involves the same technique as calligraphy, the brush is dipped in black ink or colored pigments. The elder Chow emphasized the importance of brush strokes in Chinese painting.

The Chows wrote in their artists’ statement, “When we get used to a place, the sights and sounds become too common. Too familiar. When that happens, we stop seeing. We start taking things for granted and stop exploring. This is unfortunate because, then, appreciation fades.”

They stated, “Our artwork is an exploration of two things that are familiar to us – our Chinese heritage and our birthplace. We use Chinese style painting to depict Baguio landscapes. Most of the art pieces may not be familiar to most people because what we tried to portray in these paintings are the uncommon landscape we fail to recognize.”

The exhibition runs until February18, 2018 at the Supreme Hotel Lobby. #


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