Statements: Revocation of Rappler’s SEC registration, a case of silencing gov’t critics


We, collegiate press in Cagayan Valley, worry on the recent revocation of the registration of an online media entity Rappler to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). This action by the Duterte administration shows its distress to decrease government criticisms.

The commission alleges Rappler into failure of conforming into the absolute Filipino ownership rule and blames the media entity in ‘allowing foreign control over Rappler”. Rappler, however, proved otherwise. The commission came up with the ruling following President Rodrigo Duterte’s past interviews last year where he lambasted media entities that he deemed critical to his administration like Rappler, ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), and even the international press persons. Pro-Duterte bloggers and trolls in social media have also started in actively attacking and threatening reporters of these media entities, including Rappler’s Pia Rañada.

These action, however, looms danger over the people’s freedom of expression and the freedom of the press itself and is side-by-side with the glaring indications of rising of a dictatorial rule including the threat of the ‘self-serving’ Charter change, the incoming No Election scenario, the speedy approval of the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao. This can only be interpreted to be part of a scheme to repel the critical media and instill fear among media persons committed to reporting the truth in behalf of the transparency in the Philippine government and local units.

We have been supporting the ban on the foreign media ownership but using it as a tool to suppress the media itself is seriously harmful.

We call on every campus publications, journalists to resist and to fight back against all forms of suppression against freedom as a united ranks of masses against the tyranny of the rising Duterte dictatorship.

Defend press freedom!
Resist state fascism! #


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