Poetry: To be like you


AN INSPIRATION. Manong Benedict “BS” Solang during the book launching of Dap-ay Discourse Uno last December 10, 2017. He is a pioneer of the Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance. Photo by Noel Godinez
Who never faltered in commitment
To serve the people,
Who had a reservoir of patience
And belief in the correctness of struggle.
Because you never looked back
When you trekked the path
So different from the convenient choices.

To be like you
Who was firm on your standpoint
That to be an Igorot is to be Filipino
Who was rooted in indigenous ways
And wore the badge of activist tradition
And steadfast in forging on, believing that
We shall one day see our children
Live the reality of an emancipated nation.

To be like you,
Benedict P. Solang
of Sagada, of the Cordillera,
of our Motherland.

Banuar ka ti umili! #


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