From Under This Hat: Cordillera news writers


Most of my life was spent with the local press and even if the members of the local press were so superlatively drunk and opinionated, they are the members of my community. This is except for those who claim to be press but are paid hacks and intel stooges.

One very cold spike must have run through the spine of many journos in the Cordillera at the mention of it being one area where leftists are “imbedded” (genuine journos maybe). From the “Exponent of the wonderland of the Cordilleras…” to the most recent Herald Express, the writers in the Cordillera spoke their minds off and if they were restricted by their editors or advertisers there has always been a “Chongloy news agency” to accommodate them speak out their mind over a fire-glass of stainless or stained fluid shared with their editor, and the Truth always reveals itself.

Ahead of the “Chongloy news agency” there was a: Rice Bowl, Session Cafe, Dainty, also a Mido, Sunshine Lunch and then Mandarin, favorite and ambiant watering holes, discussion corners and lunch bars of the local press in Baguio and the Cordillera over the years since the “Baguio Bulletin” (ca.1946).

It is sad, unfair that Digong had to appear trite about it, and it is usually exposing the Truth that draws fear and not the other way around as he may would’ve wanted. The journo is tasked to seek and write about the truth as it happens. The truth is Jesus sits on the left side of God. Watching truth reveal or unfold continues to put reason and meaning to the pursuit of the story. For Cordillera journalists so worthy of their salt, it is a Happy New Year, they are one of the many courageous journalists in the country… who by writing lend a hand to the less fortunate of God’s children… and in the name of Jesus they are blessed for being right with their commitments.

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Aunty Eufemia Elefante – Hamada

Happy Birthday! to Aunty Feming, the first Ilocana I came to know (or thought so for a long time until I learned what Ilocana meant), the wife of my late father’s older brother, uncle Enot. She is 90 years old and has remained a very amiable and cheerful aunty. Happy birthday and do have many more birthdays to come, and celebrate with all of us. #


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