Editorial: Stand still traffic in Baguio City


With the growing demand among Filipinos to own a car, vehicles on the streets and public thoroughfares are invading without respect for the pedestrians’ rightful space or road right of way. Nowadays, as the vehicle population grows almost uncontrollable, our managers and supervisors in the seat of government (aside from looking at the funds that vehicle sales and traffic fines generate) must also remember something has to be done to balance the use (everyday), safety and respect of legit or proper space for both pedestrians and vehicles.

These immediate past holidays, vacation break and long weekends has more than less established that the creeping traffic on Baguio’s roads and streets, especially on holidays and vacation time, is here to stay and shall keep growing, and unless the vehicles are legislated out of the pedestrians’ safety zones for real, the life of every person on the street everyday is exposed to increased danger. Instead of just studying the Baguio traffic situation can our leaders also present a real feasible plan to reduce the risk faced by the ordinary pedestrians everyday vs. the growing vehicular traffic.

Baguio is one large parking space. The recent but temper raising string of road repairs and road improvement projects were a welcome development especially when the results have actually improved commuting for the community directly affected. The hitch is these projects, especially the road widening, have opened much needed parking spaces for “irresponsible” vehicle owners who when acquiring vehicles did not consider, “private parking spaces for private cars”, and instead stretch road rules on parking including conniving with the barangay officials to rent out barangay roads for their parking spaces. There has to be a bargain struck here but the safety of the people must never be sacrificed.#

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Resist Tyranny

Tyranny, is what the progressive sector of Philippines sees in the direction taken by the present regime, and therefore the call to resist!

Human Rights Violations are not only illegal arrests, imprisonment, EJKs or police brutality against civilians but also over all repression through legislation in the house of representatives against the political, economic rights of the national population. The raising of taxes, the trade of fuel and power, fair wages and labor, are but some items controlled under the law which affects almost all Filipinos in everyday life.

At the turn of the year, Juan dela Cruz is faced with life changing government actions affecting most of those in the lower income class. TRAIN the new tax law resisted openly in rallies and peoples’ fora. The increase in the price of fuel, the full liberalization of agricultural products greatly reducing the chance to compete for local farmers, the transport “modernization” that actually is going to build the monopoly of the transport industry against the only Filipino controlled jeepney industry.

It is but right to resist unfair and selfish authoritarian rule and dictatorships, resist graft and corruption at every step. If we don’t we only contribute to eroding the democracy that so many of our ancestors have defended. To resist bad is normal. People’s resistance, as history shows us – the people’s organized resistance to tyranny, is the one action that has brought change for the community’s good. So let us not give up or renege on our freedom of expression and freedom of assembly when we have to resist temptation or harmful actions against the good of our community/ies, and move on to build a better New Year for all. # nordis.net


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