Editorial: Free Sherwin De Vera


In the minds of the people who have known Sherwin as a person, his recent arrest on charges of rebellion, based on four alleged instances of crimes supposedly involving him is simply thrown out, dismissed, or condemned as lies or malicious fabrications. What was dealt him is easily construed as it is factual – the curtailment of the freedom of expression, the denial of his Bill of Rights not only for him as a writer but for other journalists, for activists and for all Filipino citizens especially in Northern Luzon.

Surely, the word has spread and the level of street-education for ordinary people is again raised another notch through the sharing of stories, of posing questions, of seeking answers; why? Why rebellion? why Sherwin? etc.

Jokes too will be authored, some maybe at his expense but more at the expense of those “who do not know what they are doing” (the perpetrators?) as well as cusses, “idut!” ayagwag, or paliwats by the masa who have this advantage against their oppressors.

For it is every citizen’s right to know that his/her government is serving the nation well, as much as it is a citizen’s right to see to it that those in government serve the people well, and therefore one must be critical. Sherwin is but another citizen, like many of us who could not tolerate corruption in government: Corruption in the use of public funds, in the management of the people’s common resources, of vested police powers to protect the people, corruption of the mandate to protect the peoples patrimony and sovereignty.

He, too is an activist in the fourth state who takes his responsibility very seriously, to keep his readers informed with the truth. And even just for this we appeal for his release from detention and rally for every freedom loving human being to contribute support for him and his young family while they face this injustice and work for his freedom. He does not deserve this political persecution for speaking out and serve his people. # nordis.net


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